Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag 2019!

This was created years ago but I've never done it before!! I was actually going to do a mid year wrap up post anyway, but then I stumbled across this one and it sounded exactly lke the sort of thing I wanted to do. I wasn't tagged, and I'm not going to tag anyone, I... Continue Reading →


Daisy Jones and the Six / Taylor Jenkins Reid / Drugs, Sex and Rock N’ Roll…

Summary For a while, Daisy Jones and The Six were everywhere. Their albums were on every turntable, they sold out arenas from coast to coast, their sound defined an era. Then, on 12th July 1979, they split. Nobody ever knew why. Until now. What I Liked: Music - I really love music and I love... Continue Reading →

My Good Reading Habits // Book Tag

So, to jump right into this one, I can happily say that I was actually tagged to do this one instead of just doing what ever tags I come across because I lack book blogger friends (if you want to be my book friend, feel free to message me on either my Instagram @autiedragon and... Continue Reading →

F/F Sapphic Book Recommendations!

Hello! I've just finished my last exam, hopefully ever, so maybe that means I may actually have more time to write blog posts! Yay! Today, I thought I would recommend some f/f books (which stands for female/female) - some I've read, and some I just want to read. Under the Lights Dahlia Adler This one,... Continue Reading →

What I Read in May

Stepsister Jennifer Donnelly I have a full review of this book written here if you want to give that a read. It's basically a feminist retelling from Cinderella's point of view and it's really interesting and well written actually. We Are Not Okay Natalia Gomes A feminist book told from the perspectives of four different... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Queer Books (So Far!)

Pride Month Post three!! This is probably going to change after pride month, because by the time this post is up I'll be working through my queer TBR, but as of the end of May 2019 this is what my favourite queer books are as of now: Moonstruck: Vol 1 Grace Ellis My friend Stacey... Continue Reading →

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