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Top Five Favourite Middle Grade Books

*all images were taken from Goodreads or Amazon* Hey! Although my 'favourites' concerning anything changes on a day to day basis, I thought I would write a blog post of my five favourite middle grade books that have lasted the test of time and I have read more than twice and still heavily enjoyed! Middle… Continue reading Top Five Favourite Middle Grade Books

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Autism in School – My Experience

This post was inspired by School Was the Hardest Thing About Being Autistic by Anonymously Autistic There has recently been a lot of autistic people on primarily Twitter speaking about their experiences with school and the results have been heartbreaking to say the least. The bullying was even adopted by teachers and the older I get the… Continue reading Autism in School – My Experience

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What Not to Say to An Autistic Person: Part One

  Inspired by Shit Ignorant People Say to Autistic People and BBC's Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person. Some of this is also just things in the world that I think are offensive towards autistic people. I want to write this for Autism Awareness Week, all about spreading some actual awareness because we all know autism… Continue reading What Not to Say to An Autistic Person: Part One

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The Importance of #ActuallyAutistic Voices

For those of you who are not aware of what the #ActuallyAutistic hashtag is about, I'm just going to briefly sum it up before I get on to the rest of what I want to talk about. This hashtag can confirm that whoever wrote the post/status/tweet etc was actually autistic. It gets easier to separate… Continue reading The Importance of #ActuallyAutistic Voices