Autism Acceptance Month – Day 22

Dispel a Myth Even though I don't really like lying myself, autistic people aren't incapable of lying. That one is absolutely a myth. Plenty of autistic people lie.


Autism Acceptance Month – Day 20 and 21

Communication... I'm particularly awful at this. I'm mostly selectively mute, really, and my primary source of communication is through my phone. Messaging people is really the only way I can connect to other people. It's how I met my partner, Kai. It's how I've made some of my best friends. It's how I've connected to... Continue Reading →

7 Books Better Than Harry Potter

Recently, an author made a short thread talking about how she's upset about all the "hate" in the book community lately and how she wants the "fun" way of books back. Her chosen books of reference included Harry Potter, so today I wanted to list ten diverse books better than Harry Potter. Don't get me... Continue Reading →

Autism Acceptance Day – Day 19

I Hate it When... I think my biggest thing is when people don't listen to what autistic people want. For example, wanting to be called autistic person instead of a person with autism so that people understand we don't need our personhood specified in order for you to see me as a human. There a... Continue Reading →


Special is a new Netflix show released on the 13th April 2019 in the UK about Ryan, a gay and disabled man learning to be okay with both of these identities. Ryan actually wrote the show himself, and he is both gay and disabled in real life. He has cerebral palsy. My first observation, really,... Continue Reading →

Autism Acceptance Month – Day 18

Someday... I wish to live in a world where I can truly be myself without fear of judgement, harassment or abuse. I want to be able to do things like go shopping without the worry that I'm going to be horribly overwhelmed. I want the world to accommodate for us without wishing we were dead.... Continue Reading →

Autism Acceptance Month- Day 17

Accommodations I'm not sure if this is asking what accommodations I have or what accommodations I need so I'm just going to answer both of them What accommodations I have is that I have support workers coming in everyday for four hours (sometimes spread out and sometimes not). They help with cooking, cleaning, paying bills,... Continue Reading →

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