I Just Want to Write

I’m not sure what I want to talk about so…I just want to write. I write journal entries and, although I am struggling to creative write lately (goodness knows why, because I have some vague ideas) I just felt like at least feeling like I was being interactive with someone…even though I’m not. I don’t mean that in a sad way, it’s completely my fault I don’t have friends, I always end up choosing my own company over theirs.

I’ve considered writing book reviews like I did on my old blog but I haven’t finished any books lately (aside from the Unfortunate Events series, but I’d rather sum that series up as a whole). Maybe when I finish “The Lovely Bones”, I’ll sum up my thoughts in a quick post because I think that book is really popular so there isn’t much point in doing a spoiler-free review? I’m not sure. I just really love talking about books and the type of audience that talking about books brings in. I have a boyfriend, but he’s not really someone I can talk about books with.

Amazingly, I am four months and a half away from finishing Level 2 Animal Care. I’ll sum that up when I finish how my year went but basically so far it has been very stressful and upsetting. I lost two of my closest friends around November time and I have missed them dearly. We had a bit of a falling out. I met my boyfriend through them, too. I didn’t realize how much better they made my college experience until they were gone. I know I like being alone but it’s good to, if I chose, spend time with people.

There’s a lot more assignments than I thought and the way they are worded can be kind of confusing and it dents my confidence in how well I am able to do them. So far, though, I’ve only had two assignments out of our many that I needed to re-do so I can’t be too bad. I was also meant to have a Level 3 interview last week but I was late and we ended up talking about how I would need help for my mental health in college. I will hopefully be having another interview for Level 3 on Thursday, I’ll let you know how that goes. I have no idea where it is. I had a talk about Level 3 today and I was going to just quit when summer came and try find a job, but now I’m really excited and fingers crossed I get accepted! it’s also being taught by one of my favorite tutors who I had last in Level 1.

For Valentine’s Day, me and my boyfriend are celebrating it this weekend (don’t know if he knows that what it’s for but it’s also because we’re not in college next week so it’s a good time to go) by going to see Lego Batman in the cinema followed by some pizza! We don’t have much money so can’t really afford to properly go out to eat but this sounds like fun. I’ve done it before in previous relationships, it’s the only kind of date I actually like (food, movies, not much talking…pretty wonderful). We’re going on Friday, the same day my sister is having her tonsils out. I had mine out as a child which I don’t remember but I know she’ll be fine (and she turned nineteen today! my baby sister!).

That’s basically all that’s really going on with me right now. It’s not a bad place in life to be in, I don’t think 🙂


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