Marfan Syndrome Awareness Month

I think awareness months for any cause are really important as they encourage people who experience what the awareness is for to speak out about their personal experiences and can give free education to the general public about something most may not have heard of. Marfan Syndrome probably does come under the “I’ve never heard of that” umbrella as, until I discovered Shona, I had never heard about it either as I believe it is rare.

From what I understand about Marfan Syndrome, it is a connective tissue disorder that is genetic. Connective tissue holds together your organs and joints. They help you grow and develop properly and, as you can imagine, they can create a lot of problems like a curved spine and cardiac problems. If you want a more in depth explaination of Marfan syndrome, I highly recommend this page on Shona’s blog.

I am definitely using Marfan Syndrome as an excuse to promote Shona because I think she as a person and what she does (for charities, for awareness, etc) deserves as much recognition as it can get. I don’t feel comfortable saying anything more about this syndrome because I have not personally experienced it of course. Awareness of anything, no matter how rare, is really important and I hope you feel as informed as I have been from her blog.


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