February Reading Wrap-Up

I’m currently having a bit of a “reading slump” problem. I’m assuming this is because I have assignments to do this year due to college. We usually get a new one every couple of weeks but they can quickly pile up as we can go three weeks without getting a single assignment and then suddenly be lumped with four in the same week. I currently have two to finish due on the sixth of March but each section needs to be quite bulky. It takes up a lot of time.

As I am very vocal about on this blog, I do have social anxiety and depression that can really drain my energy (and autism, which I believe is why I’m introverted and get tired easy around people) and even though my depression is quite low recently my anxiety is decently high.

I also tend to be busy on weekends (Thursdays – Sundays) seeing someone and spending time at their house or at mine and we’re usually focused on spending time with each other than I am about writing (even though I really love writing). Like I said, I get easily drained when with other people and even though I get less drained with this person than others it still inevitably happens and that’s even more added exhaustion.

I just don’t have buckets of time to read anymore and, when I do, I’m usually too tired to do anything more than just laze around watching Netflix or Disney movies. My room is a mess. I never shower until late at night. I don’t journal very often.

Long story short: I’m kind of casting reading aside. I’m working on it but it’s not going too well. This was the best I could come up with this month.

**because these books I am speaking about are library books, they had to be returned (and someone else did that for me, if you’re reading thank you) and I didn’t have the time to take a picture of them…oops**

“The Wide Window” by Lemony Snicket (Book the Third in the Unfortunate Events series)

For a while, I thought this said “The Wide Widow” and was super confused as to why it wasn’t showing up when I searched for it through Goodreads…

This book, I thought, was a really good follow-up to the last book, The Reptile Room. I enjoyed the second book a little bit more, though, purely because I really love reptiles I think and it was just a relief for the orphans to find a lovely, cozy little home. It’s also one of my dreams to have a whole room dedicated to animals, like reptiles.

Aunt Josephine also perfectly represents me and my anxiety, probably anxiety in general. I’m not really a fan of fishing and lakes and ships and oceans. I don’t even like beaches. That element of this book I did not find enjoyable .

Because I watched the movie/TV show before reading the books I have that envisioned in my head and because the TV show especially is very close to how it pans out in the books too I didn’t enjoy it as much, either.

Overall I really really enjoyed it though, I’d recommend you keep on going with the series if you’re interested (it is thirteen books long…)

The Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket (Book the Forth in the Unfortunate Events Series)

I didn’t enjoy this as much. The aesthetic of the mill and the dullness, the lack of colour, the repetitive nature of the storyline became tedious quickly. I wasn’t bored, though, so I still rated this about three or four stars (memory of a fried fish!). The TV show representation of this book was better than the book and it’s not often I say that but…yeah, I’m sorry! I don’t have much to say about this book. It was okay.

The Austere Academy by Lemony Snicket (Book the Fifth in the Unfortunate Events Series)

I have to say that I got decently annoyed a couple of times at the children and how they are supposed to be smart but missed several obvious clues to what was going to happen. They didn’t really take much information into account and I feel like this is because I am a twenty year old and no longer twelve, my pattern of thinking is no longer on the same wavelength so I’m not going to see this book the same.

Apart from that I really enjoyed the children being in a school environment. Rather odd as I usually am not much of a fan of being reminded about schools. So far, the children have completely avoided it and I wanted to see how being in a school would adapt them. I really really enjoyed the new characters in this one. They were so different from the new characters introduced in the kind of bland previous book, it was a delightful contrast. I did really enjoy this one and it’s the first book I’ve read in the series that I didn’t previously know the events to due to the Netflix TV series which only goes up to the last book.


Sorry this is not the best written or that I have not written a wide variety of books but…I’m working on it! My fuel tank is running low and so is my idea train but I’m sure I’ll think of something soon once my routine gets back into the swing of things and my energy might rise back up again.

Until next time!


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