Let’s Talk About Journalling #1 – My Journals


I have such an awful camera quality

I have used a journal since I was little but, unfortunately, they have all been lost. Throughout my life (I’m 20 now), I have moved quite a lot. I’ve lived in four houses in this one street alone. I’ve lived in South Wales for about twelve years now, and previous to that I lived in England and when I was really little I lived in South Wales (where I was born, too). As you can imagine, stuff gets lost. It happens.

Back in England, I lived by the Trafford Centre (a shopping mall, for you Americans and Canadians). It had the Disney Store and, in there, I found a princess journal covered in pink fluff. That’s one of the first journals I remember ever having. The rest of the ones I jotted down in as a child were ones I got free in magazines. I never really did “proper journaling” until I was fourteen, almost fifteen (within days of starting the journal, I spoke about my fifteenth birthday coming up).

My first ‘proper journal’ looked a lot like a travelling journal. I’ll do pictures and photo examples of the pages in a more detailed post. My mother bought it for me, as she did for my first few journals until I started to get my own income. My next few journals were not much better. They were bland ones I got from The Works, that actually have really good paper quality so shout out to that.

I got my first really good quality journal (two of them, actually) from Paperchase last year in January (I think the haul is still up on my old blog, too). One of them I used for ‘travelling’ because it was smaller and, at the time, I had a friend who lived in Cornwall who I went up to see three times in 2016. Carrying a bigger, heavier journal was unpractical but I hardly used it anyway. I’m going to continue using it as a regular journal when I finish my current one. Designs will be shown when I do a more in depth post on each journal.

Right now, though, I mostly write in online journals. So I just write on Word and then print them off and put them into a file that is not pictured above because it doesn’t go with the other journals. It’s a lot more in depth because I experience hand pain around the carpel tunnel area when I hand write and writing on Word makes it easier for me to write longer and more detailed entries.

I’m not very good at writing about really personal and deep things like thoughts and opinions I would never express out loud, or something I think about a lot and don’t want to talk about. I still have worry that people will read them. I grew up with a nosy as hell mother and sister who liked to read them if I accidentally left them lying around, and because me and my sister shared a room it was really hard to hide them in a good hiding spot when she wasn’t around.

I still live with my mother, unfortunately, and I did catch her reading some online journals the other day so I am reluctant to really write what I want to express. I’m in debate as to whether I should print them off or keep them all on my USB.

Anyway, this is a basic overview of the kind of journalling that I mostly do. I have an art/scrapbook journal, too, but comparing myself to other people keeps me from doing that very often. I stick tape and stickers into my journals now, instead, and that I like a bit better. I do think I should just do what makes me happy though even if I’m not very good at it.

My next post on journals in the future will be me speaking more in depth about what I write in them, what each journal represented in terms of as a part of my personal timeline, etc. I hope you stick around to see them.

– Lorna xx


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