Fifty Facts About Me!


I’m currently writing another post (What I Read in April) because guess who can finally read again? (Hint: me) and this means I might even write a few probably terribly written reviews soon too but, for now, I want to write and can’t think of anything, I’m stumped – so something nice and simple, I’m going to talk about me, yay!

Yeah, sorry

Here goes

  1. My name is Lorna
  2. My middle name is Amranwen (Am – ran -when)
  3. I am autistic
  4. I was diagnosed at ten/eleven, I can’t remember the exact age
  5. I’m bisexual/biromantic
  6. I’m asexual
  7. I have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)
  8. I taught myself to read at three years old, I’m proud of it
  9. I couldn’t talk fluently until I was eight years old
  10. I have social anxiety/generalized anxiety
  11. I have depression
  12. I used to write short stories all the time as a kid and, to this day, have never been able finish one of them
  13. I am awful at grammar despite being a grammar nerd
  14. I love foxes, everything foxes
  15. Nobody loves Emma Blackery more than me. Fact.
  16. I still watch Rugrats even though I’m twenty years old, 21 in August
  18. I frequently surf on Etsy, I enjoy cute tape
  19. I weigh over 200 pounds, oh well
  20. Pink and blue are my favourite colours
  21. This may be a surprise, sit down for this one. Sitting down? Okay. I don’t like cake. Yep. I’m sorry!
  22. Brownies are the exception
  23. I’m an intersectional feminist
  24. I’m a Hufflepuff
  25. I live in Wales, UK
  26. Sad music played by guitars are my favourites
  27. I have a sister (19), a half-brother (7, he’s also probably autistic and is my mothers son) and a newborn half-sister (my dads daughter)
  28. I’ve been trying to learn how to play the keyboard for over a year and it’s not going great because I’ve only touched it twice – but I can play ‘Tears to Shed’ from Corpse Bride!
  29. I really like Tim Burton-esque movies/Harry Selick. Coraline. Corpse Bride. LOVE IT.coraline
  30. I love to collect things – my main collection is Disney/toys but I have also collected keyrings, mugs, books, ornaments, etc.
  31. I love the minimalist look, especially concerning tattoos
  32. SPACE SPACE SPACE (the blog before this one was space themed)
  33. My favourite flower is a red rose, probably because of how much I love Beauty and the Beast
  34. I’m currently in college studying Animal Care/Management
  35. My favourite…genre (?) of books is children
  36. Mint chocolate is the best flavour of most things, no argument
  37. Pancakes are everything
  38. I never used to like Paramore growing up/throughout my teenage years, but I adore them now (their new song, Hard Times, is so different but I love it)
  39.  I have this problem with my ears where they develop too much ear wax so now I have to have an appointment with a really nice nurse every six weeks to check them
  40. When I like something, I REALLY like something
  41. Belle, Tiana, Mulan and Merida are clearly the best princesses (technically one or two isn’t a princess but sssssh)
  42. I really, really wish I could sing
  43. I don’t know people by facial recognition, just by what they wear and how they work, I can’t remember faces so if someone dyes their hair or something I have no idea who they are
  44. I’m not a lovey type of person but I love ‘love songs’
  45. I used to do ballet and dance and Brownies and horse riding as a child but none of them stuck and I quit almost as quickly as I took them up
  46. I used to be into make-up when I was around people who were into make-up but I dropped the interest when they weren’t around anymore
  47. I have a cat called Tessa, she’s black, we adopted her a while ago. She’s about ten/eleven now. Because she’s adopted, we’re unsure what year she was born in
  48. We’ve owned many Syrian hamsters (my sister, but I always had to look after them) – our most recent was Hamsterdam (I named it, aren’t I clever) who died a few months ago but outlived our expectations
  49. I’ve lived in four houses in the same street (from 8 till now at 20)
  50. It’s really hard to come up with fifty things about myself


I’ve been writing this for a week, can you believe it? #Exhausted

I start college again on Monday after the end of term holidays so thought it was best I published something before then while I still sound happy!

Thank you for reading



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