Forever Friday’s #1


This is a meme started over at Weezie’s Blog where you can talk about a book that you’re going to love forever. Of course, I just had to join in. I get to talk about a forever loved book once a week, doesn’t that sound great?

The Book:

Charlotte’s Web

First Published: 1952


This follows the story of a runt pig who was saved by the farmers daughter, Fern. As the pig begins to grow and Wilbur no longer needs around-the-clock care, Fern has to give Wilbur up to her uncles farm. When Wilbur learns that he is a spring pig and that his time will be up before the end of Winter, he panics, but a sweet spider named Charlotte promises to save him.

Why Is This Book A Favourite Forever?

Well, first off, I’m glad I read this before Animal Farm. That book put me off talking farm animals for an embarrassingly long time.

I don’t quite remember why I loved this story so much. Part of it was because my uncle also has a farm. It used to have cows, sheep and chickens. Then it was just sheep and chickens. Now, it’s just chickens. Who knew there were so many breeds of chickens? This gave it a sort of personal touch that I could relate to. It made it feel homely and comfortable. That, and I’ve always loved farms.

I am currently enrolled in college for Level 2 and Level 3 of Animal Care/Management. So, clearly, I love animals (yes, including spiders!). It was so funny and charming and after this book I was convinced animals can understand what I say. Even now, I still think that a little (a little…)

Lastly, I think this book is what stayed with me until adulthood. The reason why I don’t eat meat anymore. Not that eating meat makes you a horrible human being. It doesn’t. In my life, though, this was a personal decision that makes me feel happier. It’s not a lifestyle made for everyone!

Oh. It was also one of the books I read after my autistic diagnosis. Moving to a new school. Gaining a new set of bullies and the insecurity I felt as I didn’t understand them, their patterns or their motives just yet. It was one of the books that held my hand and guided me through it.

I highly recommend reading it.



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