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My Favourite BookTubers

I can’t remember who I saw doing this but I remember seeing it and thinking “Oh, that’s actually a really good idea” but I just hadn’t got round to doing it until now. My blog is very book filled right now and so I wanted to write more posts on autism but maybe centering it around my interests and being light-hearted is just what I need for my mental health right now. I’ve been really enjoying it. So, no more rambling on, my favourite BookTubers who will be linked and you should 100% subscribe too, yay!

Books are my Social Life

I haven’t been subbed to him for a very long time so I don’t know his name but his videos are very chirpy and upbeat, he’s also quite a sassy guy. He mostly posts book tags, book hauls and reviews on mostly diverse books. He’s even ranted and preached about the importance of diverse books in the young adult and middle grade community (and everywhere, really). So, yes, please subscribe to him. He’s also marginalized, so it’s nice to give that bit of support.

Whitney from WhittyNovels 

I’ve been subbed to Whitney for what feels like and what probably has been years. I remember her pre-university days where she’d sit in her bedroom with a Ukulele making pun jokes at the introduction of her videos. I also just love hearing her talk, she loves dogs and can sing, she’s funny and great. Our reading tastes aren’t extremely similar or anything, but she does also make book hauls and reviews mostly on diverse books as of late. She’s also been posting more talking videos lately on important subjects like how violent boyfriends are portrayed in YA literature and I think these talks really need to happen. I’m glad she’s doing it and she has a large following already and she’s reaching a lot of ears. If you haven’t yet, sub!

Richard from Richard’s Book Nook

Our taste in books really are super similar. He mostly reads middle grade on the darker side of things (think Coraline) which I love. Like the above two, he is also socially aware on the importance of diversity but he also isn’t afraid to speak his mind and openly say he dislikes books that are extremely popular in the community. He mostly does reviews, book hauls, book subscription boxes and wrap ups. He is also someone I really enjoy listening to and watching, I get so excited when I see they’ve uploaded a new video. He’s also a marginalized member o the community. Sub!

Jen from Jen Campbell 

Jen is bisexual and has a disfigurement so she’s a marginalized member of the community, also. She loves fairy tales, a lot, so does some videos on those as well as writing tips (she’s a published author), book hauls, book talks, book reviews, everything bookish. I love how much Jen stands out with her book interests as she doesn’t go with what the crowd find interesting. She just goes with what she finds interesting, which is mostly poetry and fairy tale-like books. I’ve read a few books recommended on her channel by her, and I loved every single one of them, so check her out for sure. She’s also big on diverse books.

Sarah from TheLibraryofSarah

This is someone else who I have been subbed to for years. She’s, again, marginalized (if I don’t mention their marginalization, it’s because I’m not 100% exactly what it is, but in this case it’s because Sarah is a lesbian) and big on diverse books. I found her through her love for horses and journalling a long time ago when I was into journalling (I still do from time to time, but not creatively, I spend more time writing on here). She makes videos on memories, book hauls, what she’s reading, reviews, things like that. She has a very unique taste in books and she usually talks about books I’ve never heard of and I love her for that.

Kristi from Melbourne on my Mind

Kristi talks a lot about her love for diverse books and she has strong opinions, which I personally love. I’ve only recently found her (through Twitter) and I’m pretty glad I did because we have a similar taste in books and I think that’s really rare and hard to find in booktubers.


So although I like plenty other booktubers, these are the ones whose videos I almost always click on! How many of these are you subscribed to?



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