Some More New Books!


So I recently posted on my Twitter not that long ago that I wasn’t in any desperate need of money but I did mention how I was low income and one of my mutuals suggested that I post my book wishlist so I did and three people so very kindly bought me some books. I’m ecstatic about it. I won’t publicly say their names unless they say they would like me to or they wouldn’t mind but I’d rather not do it now just in case. If they’re reading though, thank you a lot!

The Upside of Unrequited
By Becky Albertalli

You can read the review here
This book follows a fat girl called Molly, who’s Jewish with anxiety so there’s some great rep there already, who is well known among her little family and group of friends for having crushes but never really setting out to do anything about that. She just assumes that they won’t like her back. Her sister gets a new girlfriend and this girlfriend (a Korean American called Mina) has a best friend called Will and Cassie wants them to form a relationship of some sort, but Molly finds herself falling for a fat Jewish boy called Reid instead and the story sort of follows Molly Peskin-Suso as she tries to understand what her feelings are and what she should do.

It’s a really cute little romance, made me feel warm and fluffy and took me back. It’s humorous in parts. It’s also very diverse. Mina is pansexual. Cassie is, I think, bisexual or a lesbian. Cassie and Molly have two mothers (in a f/f relationship). One is white, the other is black. I think it’s great to see more diverse young adult literature being published and I can’t wait to read more of it. This book is also #OwnVoices for fat and Jewish rep.


Odd Girl Out
By Laura James

I think this one will be a hard read but I’m really excited for it anyway. It’s about, I believe, an autistic woman who only finds out she’s autistic in her forties and has to navigate in a neurotypical world. This is #OwnVoices for autistic rep, as well, and I feel like this might highlight a few issues like how women are unlikely to be diagnosed as children and will probably be self-diagnosed as adults before seeking an official diagnosis. Although I was diagnosed as a child (my mother works with children and saw early signs, but they still took a long time to diagnose) so I might not be able to relate completely, I will to how we are both autistic of course and it’s something I’m really looking forward to reading.

odd girl out

I, Robot
By Issac Asimov

Now I don’t usually read science fiction, especially adult science fiction. I do every now and again but with a lot of science fiction I find myself getting really bored (which is a shame but I keep reaching for it in the hopes that one will interest me). I recently read a young adult/middle grade book called Alien Rain (review here) that I thought was really good because it left out all the technical details and it made me want to look into science fiction again.

I saw someone I watch on YT talk about this book and how the robots sort of have a slow rise to “power”, in a way, as they are considered second class citizens to humans. This is, of course, very unfair and I’m looking forward to seeing how this is handled in the book. It’s quite short, as well, and I’ve been wanting to read an Isaac Asimov novel for a really long time so I’m looking forward to this one too.

Update: currently reading, I’m at 31% and it’s just as scary as I thought but also a lot better than I thought, the writing style is really good.

i robot

As Old As Time: A Twisted Tale
By Liz Braswell

I was originally going to get the black edition (and still might) to match my other two Liz Braswell books but I saw this cover and I just had to have it. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Now I want to collect all these editions, as well. This book basically follows an alternative story to my favourite movie, The Beauty and The Beast, where Belle looks into the mirror and sees something she probably didn’t want to see – what if Belle’s mother cursed the Beast? It sounds so, so interesting and I plan to read this one as soon as possible. The pages inside are really pretty as well, and I wasn’t expecting it to be so long (500 pages) but I’m really, really glad it’s a long book. I was so excited when I saw this (well, I was excited anyway, I had book mail but you know what I mean!).

as old as time
I also received two E-Arcs, one from the author and one from Netgalley. You can see my review for The Library of Souls here and my next one, As You Wish, I am currently reading and it will have a review coming up very soon – it’s a good one.

Again, I am so grateful to everyone who sent me something, it’s so generous. Until next time.


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2 thoughts on “Some More New Books!

  1. These sound like some books I may want to read. What does the hashtag #ownvoices mean? I understand it means there’s minority representation, but is the author part of said minority groups or just the main character (which is the author in the case of the autobiography)?


    1. Usually that the main character has one or more of the minorities that the main character (and sometimes side characters) has. Like Upside of Unrequited, both Becky and Molly are overweight and Jewish making the book OwnVoices.


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