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Amy’s Kitchen, Gluten-Free Microwavable Meal Reviews #2


If you haven’t seen my first food reviews post, you can see it here, where I talk about gluten-free pizzas and pastas I have recently tried. I have more pizza to talk about in future but I didn’t want the post to be too long. Pizza is delicious, and just because I’m trying to be more gluten-free so I’m in less pain doesn’t mean I or you should miss out!

Microwaveable meals are perfect for me as I am disabled and a student with mental illnesses/health issues (hence why I need to be gluten-free and dairy-free a majority of the time in the first place), they require no preparing or any fuss. Very quick and easy. Although not the healthiest.

Today, I review two Amy’s Kitchen microwavable, gluten-free meals.

**note: I don’t own a microwave, I cook these in the oven, so I imagine the outcome might be slightly different if you cooked it in a microwave**

Amy’s Kitchen Gluten Free Rice Mac and Cheese (255g)

amy's kitchen
Suitable for vegetarians

I absolutely adore this. I think the UK version is very different from the American version as I hear people from other countries who also have Amy’s Kitchen say it tastes like feet (but a lot of vegan cheeses have that review, and this doesn’t use vegan cheese, it is not suitable for those who are lactose intolerant or vegan).

I don’t think this is made from pasta but rice pasta which can be quite grainy (a lot of gluten-free foods seem to have the same texture or similar) but I actually still really like it. I had this just a few nights ago. My only complaint with this, really, is that it’s too small a portion! I usually pair this up with another food just so I’m not still hungry afterwards but that does mean that this makes this a perfect meal for when I’m not feeling too good (and, lately, that seems to happen a lot with me). I would recommend it bunches if you don’t mind grain-like textures!

4/5, bigger portion needed!

Amy’s Kitchen Gluten-Free Vegetable Lasagna (255g)

Suitable for vegetarians

This is also made with rice pasta and quite a lot of vegetables but the main one that stood out to me was what seemed to taste like broccoli, although broccoli is not said to actually be in it so it must be spinach (odd, considering I usually like spinach). I’m not completely against ever trying this again, as I did like it, especially the rice pasta. I don’t know if it was the texture or what but both times I tried this I just didn’t finish it and went to get a snack. I think it was the spinach/possible broccoli. It just didn’t gel with me.

I wouldn’t say not to give this a try, it would be up so many other peoples’ allies! It tastes far stronger than other microwavable meals I’ve tried, kind of like it was homecooked and not pre-packaged, it certainly wasn’t bad, there was just something about it that I didn’t like.

Overall, a 2/5 star rating


Thank you for reading my second food reviews post! I’m enjoying this series a lot, I really love food, and it makes me feel so warm inside knowing this might be really useful to someone out there!

Until next time, where I review two Linda McCartney vegetarian/vegan “meats”, Lorna




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