June | What I Was Up To

I’ve never really done one of these posts before because, well, I don’t get up to much but that’s probably a good thing. It’ll keep these posts short and sweet! This is mostly for me to look back on. I’m bad with the whole memory thing and whole chunks of my life have been forgotten. Social media and the occasional journalling have been great in keeping track of everything. Anyway, let’s look back on what happened in June (that may or may not be in order)

A Party 

My friend from college invited us to a house party at her flat that she and her boyfriend had recently moved into for her 20th birthday. Originally, I was going to turn this down but last minute decided to head on up. It was only a short walk away, and I wasn’t going to stay long. While we were there (my boyfriend and I), I saw my ex-best friends. I say ex because we had a nasty argument late last year. We ended up making it up (I think, my paranoia still thinks it’s all a trick!) and it was a great night. I’m really glad I went, I had a great time.

Finished Level 2 at College 

I technically finished on the 24th May. I celebrated by going to a water park that day, another massive achievement for me and my anxiety. I came back in, however, to complete two maths exams as well as a communication skills assessment as part of my course and I therefore didn’t officially finish until early June. I did Level 2 Animal Care and I plan to return in September to do Level 3 Animal Care and Management. I’m super nervous. For those curious, I completed the course with a Distinction* (same as an A*). I have not received my results back from my Maths exams, but I am due to in the next few weeks.

A Death 

A trigger warning for suicide

I received some absolutely devastating news this month as well that still doesn’t feel real. Back in my school days, me and him were friends. He was also the boyfriend of someone who I used to consider a friend (we drifted apart, no arguments with that one). He went missing on the 6th June and was later pronounced dead. From friends, we were told it was a suicide. It’s absolutely heartbreaking. If you would like to financially support their family during this awful, sudden event, then please click here. I haven’t been friends with him for a long time, we drifted apart after school, but it still came as a massive shock.

The Elections 

In the UK, a surprise election happened. After a few days, I’m still not entirely sure what’s happening with the country, but that’s a thing. Unfortunately, I was not able to find my national insurance number in time to register but I’ll be voting if I can for the next round, whenever that may be.

Dental Operation 

I had an appointment in May at the hospital to see what they were going to do about the decaying tooth in my mouth. They decided the quickest way for this to go was general anesthetic. I was absolutely bricking it, although I wasn’t so scared away from the time. Before I went under, I had a panic attack but the staff were absolutely lovely. I watched Beauty and the Beast, held a woman’s hand and spoke to someone as I drifted off. I woke up with massive, swollen lips (four fillings, a tooth out and stitches) but it’s now been almost a week as I write this since the operation and all is well. Nothing to panic about! (Although if I had to do it again, I’ll be panicking then too, I’m calling it). This was for Monday, the 19th.

Finally Watched Moana 

Yes, not that much of an amazing event, but I finally got round to watching Moana. My verdict is that I loved the music, so much. Considering getting Moana on CD (or I would if I wasn’t so low on funds). Otherwise, I wanted the pig to be in it more. I’m not big on beaches and anything with a beach theme, either, so that was a turn off for me. No fault of the movie though that’s just personal preference speaking.

Released a Book Wishlist 

I also released my book wishlist if you want to take a look. I am low income and I’ve seen people say it’s okay to do it and I should, so I asked Twitter and all of the responses were that I should go for it and I did. I’m very glad I did, I received a total of four books from very kind people (although so far only got round to reading two of them. Another I’m putting off because I know it’ll be a good one and want to read it at the right time!).

Plans for Upcoming Months:

I also received plans this month for events that will be happening in the future. My friends’ birthday is happening in early July. Last year, I was unable to make it as I was in Cornwall at the time. I’m not sure if we’re going to be spending time together or having a party but whatever it is, it’s quite a big deal for my anxiety.

I am joining college again in September for a two-year course on Animal Care and Management, Level 3. I’m both really excited and really nervous for this, I’m mostly just excited about the idea of stationary shopping. It’s one of my favorite things to do.

My 21st birthday is on the 8th August. I’ve saved up a bit of money for it and I’m so excited already. My mother is getting me an annual pass for Folly Farm, as what was stopping me from visiting was how much it costs to get there and travelling. It’s basically a zoo. I might be going out for a meal, but I’m definitely going shopping.

In August, I might also be going to England (not Cornwall, close to Manchester) to see my grandparents, my dad and his new baby girl (my little sister) who was born on 20th March prematurely. Not for long, maybe just a week or two, but I love seeing them and staying in a nice, quiet house. My anxiety has gotten worse since the last time I have traveled that far so we’ll see how well I can cope.


Thank you very much for reading what my month of June looked like! You can find me at these links below, until next time!

Twitter | @crankyautistic
Personal Insta | @crankyautistic
Book Insta | @actuallyautisticautie


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