What I Read in June ’17 – EIGHT BOOKS!

Can you believe June is over already? Although June kind of dragged out. Plenty of awesome things happened in June, but also more than a few awful things happened. It was a whirlwind. I made a separate post all about what I was up to in the month of June that you can read here. 

I managed to read eight books this month. Eight! Thank you to everyone who bought me a book from my Book Wishlist and to Netgalley and their publishers working with them, it really helped me achieve my reading potential! On top of this, I am currently reading two books that I’m going to mention at the end of this post, as well as finishing six comic books. Awesome!

I also want to, again, thank the people who bought me a book or two from my Book Wishlist as I am very grateful to you and to Netgalley for allowing me to read E-Arcs for feedback/review.


  1. Bone
    Yrsa Daley-Ward


This is a really short, deep and meaningful poetry collection which appears to be almost following the life of a woman. It speaks about domestic abuse and other difficult topics as well as the beauty of love. As the title would suggest, it strips down to the bone. I read this on the Kindle app on my phone out and about, it was a very quick read.


2. History is All You Left Me
By Adam Silvera

history is all you left me

Full review here 
This book was difficult to get through. Because all of Silvera’s books seem to have the same themes throughout them of very sad topics, I don’t think I’ll be reading another one of his works soon, but saying that I thought it was really interesting, the characters were really well written and despite the difficult areas there were some really cute moments as well. The writing style was wonderful, too, and I thought the time jumps from the past to present were done amazingly as often writers can get this wrong, it’s a very tricky thing to write.


3. The Library of Souls
By Richard Denney

richard denney

Thank you to Richard (the author) for sending me a copy of this. You can read the review here, which also mentions when the official release date for it is as well. It’s about a boy who can talk to ghosts and his uncle is a mean ghost hunter. They investigate a haunted library after being called, and the library is a lot more than what it first seems. I really like the writing style, and how it has a Peregrine’s feel to it (as it has spooky photos, but it is not like Peregrine’s otherwise).  It also has some great Spanish rep, which I believe might be #OwnVoices, I’m not entirely sure though. It was short and sweet (just over 100 pages), but a great read.

4. The Upside of Unrequited
By Becky Albertalli


Thank you to the person who purchased this from my book wishlist. I know who they are but I’m not sure if they’d like to be mentioned so its safer to not mention them by name, however it was really kind of them.
Review here.
This book was adorable. It was packed full of diversity, great characters with a lot of depth to them, and a really fun plot. It was so heartwarming, easily my favourite read of the year (or at least in the top five). I urge everyone to read it, because I thought it was just fantastic and I am so sad that it wasn’t any longer.


5. As You Wish
By Chelsea Sedoti

as you wish book cover

This was sent to me kindly through Netgalley. I won’t be publishing the review for this on any other public platform other than Netgalley until closer to the publication date (January of next year), if I write a review at all. It didn’t leave me with a massive impression. It’s about a town where, on your eighteenth birthday on the hour you were born, you go to a wish cave and make a wish. It’s new adult/young adult and magical realism. The main character is unlikable, but I personally like flawed book characters. This book had a lot of flaws, I rated it three out of five, but it also had a lot of upsides to it as well which I will discuss more in the future…maybe.

6. I, Robot
By Issac Asimov

i robot

I’m sure everyone as by now heard of this book. It’s a short, adult science-fiction novel that focuses mostly on a woman named Susan’s point of view throughout her life as she’s talking to an interviewer. She works with robots, and she monitors their growth from their start to their end. They used to be slaves to the human race that could not speak but, as technological advances made their way into their production, robots find themselves questioning their own existence and making decisions outside of their Three Laws. It was a really interesting take on what it means to be humans and the dangers of robotics with all the ways they can go wrong. I loved it a lot more than I was expecting. This is probably something I find myself reading again sometime in the future.

7. Lumerjanes: Unicorn Power! (Lumerjanes #1)
By Mariko Tamaki

unicorn power

A full review of this will be posted on my blog closer to the release date, a week before to be exact, in mid-October. I haven’t read the previous comics before this, which I think may be important as it references previous adventures as well as having a minimal introduction to the characters as they have already been introduced into the comics (which is annoying). Saying that, it was really really cute and fun and adventure packed and diverse and silly. I would recommend you read it! I believe it’s still available on Netgalley for request if you are a member and want to check this one out (as is every Netgalley book I have mentioned so far).

The Emerald Circus by Jane Yolen
By Jane Yolen, introduction by Holly Black

the emerald circus

This book was so, so good! A review for this won’t be up until November, it is still available for request on Netgalley! I thought it was where famous fairytale characters come together for a circus, which is not true, but it was still really, really good. It was a collection of short retellings of famous fairytales (and their writers). It was quite dark and disturbing in some areas, some of them really brought out a realistic side to their otherwise completely unrealistic realities. The writing style was great. I liked how this had a part at the back where the writer explained the inspiration behind each story, this is something I really enjoy. If you love disturbing and love fairytales, then you’ll love this. It also included an introduction from one of my favourite authors, Holly Black.

Preorder from Amazon


Tomboy Comics #1 – #6

I found this comic online recently and found myself really enjoying it. I expected it to be about, well, a tomboy main character and that’s all I really got to. I thought the covers were absolutely beautiful, they really drew me in. This follows a main character called Addison who’s best friend, Nick, is murdered. Because of his murder, Addison is dragged into something so much bigger than her and she is determined to beat it. She’s one badass teenage girl. It also has a lot of elements of paranormal mixed in, where things can get confusing between what is reality and if they are actually ghosts. I can’t wait to read more and see where this goes. I’ll be doing a review of the whole series (if they have all been published, if not all the comics released so far) as soon as I’ve finished it. I’m excited for it!

Amazon: Volume 1 

Currently Reading:

By Marissa Meyer


I received this book from the library and I’m kind of upset I didn’t just buy it as the cover is absolutely stunning in real life, I didn’t like it as much with just the pictures online. I might have to buy myself a copy of this book in the future. I’m about 50% of the way through and so far I really like it. Although Cinder can be kind of self-absorbed at times, she is otherwise a very likable character. I love the story and the world and the other characters associated with Cinder. The villains are written very well, too, they’re not even hate to love, they’re just…awful. I can’t wait to get around to finishing this, I have been recommended it so many times. It’s a Cinderella re-telling, but everyone else knows that as they have all read it! Thank you to the people who recommended it to me, you were right.

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance
By Ruth Emmie Lang

beasts of extraordinary circumstance

I am 50% of the way through this as well, and this is also still available on Netgalley. Once finished, the written review will be up about a week before the release date. This is so hard to put down. It’s written from different perspectives surrounding this boy who, after his parents died, was raised by wolves. It focuses on seeing the magic where you otherwise wouldn’t see it. It puts magical realism up a notch. I’m really enjoying this and I might just need a physical copy on my shelves to revisit one day (and to see the finished version!). The second half might suck, but you’ll find out soon enough if it does in my July wrap-up!



So, that’s a wrap to a fantastic reading month! I’m super proud of myself, I usually read three or four per month (and part of this is due to a lack of books to read and college, but I’m finished with college for two more months!). I really like the variety I got through this month, as well. It’s been great. How many books did you read this month?



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