COMIC REVIEW | Tomboy 1-11 by Mia Goodwin

tomboy 1

Art By: Michelle Wong
Covers By: Mia Goodwin and Danny Araya

Tomboy is a twelve-comic long series following a young girl called Addison who spins into what appears to be insanity after losing her best friend, Nick, to murder on her birthday. What Adi didn’t know is that this was going to be the start of a long list and she was going to be right in the centre of it all. 


I stumbled across this comic series by chance and I thought the cover looked really, really interesting and wanted to give it a go. The covers, by the way, keep getting better and better as the series goes on. Comic 11, I have to say, is my favourite of the series so far. I don’t think the twelfth comic has been released in the UK yet, or at all, and if it has I have not yet been able to find it so this is a review of the first eleven comics.

I didn’t really know what this was going to be about, either. Maybe a contemporary about a girl who wasn’t feminine but masculine and struggled to find her identity among her peers. It’s like I’m new to comics or something because this doesn’t sound like an ordinary storyline for one.

Addison is an interesting character with a very interesting character development. Like the title would suggest, she appears to be a mix of both feminine and masculine. She starts off as a girl into pink, purple, fairies, baseball tops and knee-high socks. She’s sweet, bubbly and loves her family. As the story goes on, and as she seeps into “insanity”, darkness gets into Addison and she isn’t as sweet as we thought she was after all. She starts to take on an arrogance, she becomes powerful and strong and unstopable. For a child, she’s terrifying.

At first, I also thought things were a bit predictable. Sometimes, things were just way too convenient. Things seemed to sway in one direction, and although the events certainly weren’t fortunate, they certainly felt influenced. Later on in the comics, we learn why this is and the plot line and the story is just so clever it’s mind blowing.

I also found the artwork to be beautiful. As this is some sort of magical realism/paranormal, it played beautifully into the style. Just to give you an idea of what I mean, here is an example of a scene from one of the comics:

tomboy beauty.jpg

The rest of the comic is done with just regular contemporary settings so I found it interesting how it weaved these two worlds (the “insanity” and the reality) together like this. It made it dream-like, in a way, and some of the things that were happening were unbelievable and if I were Addison I’d probably be thinking I was dreaming too.

Oh, and she also does all this wearing a really creepy mask (as you can see in the cover photo at the top of this review). It’s a very childlike mask, and it makes everything that little bit more creepy, like a constant reminder (along with the clothes she wears) that Addison is a child and reminds us of everything she used to be – sweet, innocent, adorable, bubbly.

I also really loved how this comic weaves femininity into it. There was pinks and purples and everything typically labelled feminine splattered on almost every page. Even the funerals were surrounded by blossom trees.  I’m not smart enough to understand what the point in it was or if there even was a point, but I like how pretty it makes everything look. Almost like it’s all soft despite the events going on. The parts that weren’t weaved with femininity was the scenes with police officers, detectives, and sometimes when the actual murders were taking place.

Overall, I give this series so far a 4.5 out of 5 and I will try to write a review on the twelfth comic as well but it will be difficult to keep it spoiler-free. Again, I am so glad I found this series and I am super excited for the finale.

Until next time,


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