Ten Diverse Books I Want to Read


I see so many diverse books circulating the book community and I have yet to be able to afford to buy any of them (but my birthday is coming up in a few short weeks, yay!) so instead of talking about diverse books I have read, why not talk about the books that I haven’t? There isn’t a thing as giving diverse books too much love!

All the books I’m going to be talking about are books that have been released in the UK (at least, on Kindle!)

When Dimple Met Rishi
Sandhya Menon

when dimple met rishi

This is a really cute romantic, summary read featuring Indian protagonists (and is an OwnVoices novel!). Dimple and Rishi are both attending a summer program for aspiring web developers. Rishi knows the reason for this is that their parents are setting up an arranged marriage for Dimple and Rishi. Dimple, however, does not know and when she finds out she doesn’t take this well.

I know there’s been a lot of controversy surrounding this but, personally, it sounds adorable and different and something I know I would take an interest in. I love a sassy female character and a soft, cute male.

Cindy Pon

want cindy pon

This is a science-fiction novel focusing on capitalism and how poor people will get ill and die early deaths and although it sounds terrifying and anxiety-triggering, I have heard nothing but amazing reviews about this, it is non-stop talked about and I can’t wait until I can finally read it for myself. I believe this is Chinese, and OwnVoices as well. Correct me if I am wrong. Even people who don’t like science fiction have reported that this is fantastic!

Chameleon Moon
RoAnna Sylver

chameleon moon

This is another one of those books that I hear non-stop on Twitter and I just want to read it, right now.  I have absolutely no idea what it’s about. Something about superhumans in a sun flare. It sounds really cool. I’m not sure why this book is diverse or if it’s OwnVoices but I trust the people so far who have recommended it and I’m super excited to get around to reading this at some point.

Alex Gino

george alex gino

I remember reading this as a kid in the school library but I hadn’t heard of transgender at the time and was so confused that I, sadly, put this book down and picked something else up – regrets! It is a middle grade novel about a trans male, I believe, and I think this is OwnVoices as well. Super excited to pick this up sometime, and I love the cover.

Queens of Geek
Jen Wilde

queens of geek

Again, this is another one of those books that I’m particularly keen to get my hands on as it has autistic OwnVoices rep and this is super hard to come across! It’s from the perspectives of a group of friends at comic con. I think this also has some bisexuality rep going on, I’ve heard how cute and adorable it is and I really want to read it.

Under Rose-Tainted Skies
Louise Gornall

under rose tainted skies

I’ve heard this is basically Everything, Everything (a book I haven’t read), but better and not problematic. I absolutely adore the cover of this and really like reading books on disability. It’s romantic and sweet and shows how relationships come in different ways, and I really want to devour this soon.

Julie Murphy


I don’t know much about what this is about but, as a fellow fat girl, I have been wanting to read this for what feels like forever and I know this is OwnVoices. It’s something I should have picked up a long time ago but didn’t and I have so many regrets!

Peter Darling
Austin Chant

peter darling

This story is a Peter Pan retelling of Peter falling in love with Hook, I believe, and living in Neverland as Wendy but knowing in his heart he is a man. I love retellings and Peter Pan so this one especially is super high on my to-read list. I’ve heard good things from the people who have so far read it and can’t wait to dig into this myself.

Not Otherwise Specified 
Hannah Moskowitz

not otherwise specified

I believe this follows a gay girl recovering from anorexia who is part of a play or auditions in a theater and meets a white, Christian girl who is seriously troubled herself. I’ve heard awesome things about not just this book but the author herself and this sounds like something, although not unique, very diverse and super interesting. Yay for f/f relationships!

The Secret of a Heart Note
Stacey Lee

the secret of a heart note

I will admit that I have no idea what this is about, or the diversity in it, but I know that Twitter especially has been talking and raving about this book for a while now and I wanted to join in! It has a lot of diversity and heartache and I think this might be a book better going in not really knowing a whole lot, anyway. Nontheless, really excited to eventually get to this one as well.


So that’s all the diverse books that, as of this moment, I most want to read. It changes on a daily basis but it does always seem to come back to these ten books that I have mentioned. All of them are on my Book Wishlist if you have the funds and feel like giving a gift today! If you don’t, then liking, commenting and sharing my posts are just as great of a support of my blog as well! Thank you for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Ten Diverse Books I Want to Read

    1. I’ve heard SO many good things about them! I’m going to wait a while until more used copies make their way online because new copies are so pricey! Can’t wait to read them 😀


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