What I Read in July ’17


So, although this month wasn’t as good as last months and I got into a bit of a reading slump, I think I still did quite well for me personally. I also didn’t really manage to pick books that were as good as last months, either (and the same seemed to work for comics as well), but otherwise with the quantity read at least I didn’t do awfully there. Hopefully, August will be better.

Marissa Meyer


I wrote a full review of this book here where you can hear more in depth my full thoughts on this. This is basically a retelling of Cinderella, but with cyborgs and a species from the moon called Lunars who want war with the Earth. This book is extremely popular, so I doubt there’s anyone out there who hasn’t read it if you’re into science-fiction fantasy young adult. I actually found myself really enjoying it, and I didn’t think I was going to. I love princesses, and I love retellings, but I always get nervous they’ll ruin the story for me and this one (phew!) didn’t. It had a lot of plot twists, it kept me on the edge of my seat – literally – and I gave it a four out of five.

Beasts of Extraordinary Circumstance
Ruth Emmie Lang

beasts of extraordinary circumstance

I did write a full review on this however, because it’s not published yet due to being a Netgalley E-Arc, the review won’t be on my blog until the 1st November later this year (almost exactly a week before the publication date). I will say, though, that Netgalley/the publisher is being extremely generous in letting people read the Arc so if this sounds interesting to you, go get it! It’s about a boy who was raised by a pack of wolves after his parents died in a blizzard. It follows this boys life through the perspectives of other people, until he gives his own perspective eventually. He’s basically like a Queen Elsa, and she’s one of my favourite Disney characters, so I found this super interesting. It’s magical realism, and very character-driven rather than plot. I gave this a four out of five as I really enjoyed it.

Bonnie and the Beast
Alexa Black

bonnie and the beast

This is an LGBT (f/f) retelling of Beauty and the Beast that is extremely short, I’m talking less than thirty pages short, and read like fanfiction/erotica. There was not enough time to character build or build any sort of relationship between each other. For three quarters of the story, they were having sex and being asexual it was uncomfortable anyway made even more so by the other woman being a literal animal. The kind with eight nipples going across their stomach, it was just mildly disturbing. It wasn’t anything like I thought it was going to be, at all, not even close. I enjoyed the writing and I liked all the ways this could have gone. I also liked how Bonnie is plus size, but without the cover you would never have known because this isn’t mentioned at all in the story. Overall, I gave it a 3/5 star rating and I would probably never recommend it but it was entertaining. I got this as an e-Arc from Netgalley.

Wanda Wiltshire


Okay, I wrote a really ranty review for this on Goodreads. I DNF’d this a little after 30% of the way in, so it would be unfair to review it. It’s kind of unfair to rate it as well but I did anyway, I gave it two stars out of five. Sexism and girl on girl hate were really strong in this one. Also, Nice Guys that aren’t nice guys at all. Fu*kboys, everywhere. I was enjoying the writing style and the premise a lot and I wanted to see where this was going but I just wasn’t finding myself picking it up, so I decided if I want to read it I’ll go back to it every now and then but for now I’m done. I feel really bad for doing this, as well, because it was an e-copy from NetGalley and I probably wouldn’t have DNF’d if it was an unreleased Arc but…I had to.

The Paths We Choose

the paths we choose

This book was absolutely adorable. I wrote a review for it here. I didn’t like it so much to start with. The writing style was a bit too blunt for me and it was written in third person. I haven’t read the first book, either, so I know now that each book is told from a different perspective in the friendship group and maybe if I had read the book I would have known who the characters were, as there wasn’t very much character development or getting to know any of them going on. However, it was a super short and sweet novella that was a bit too erotic for my asexual self but it was wonderful regardless. The ending, oh my god the ending, adorable. I think I gave this a four out of five stars. You should read it for sure. I think it’s free for Prime members (for Kindle), so go grab it if you’re a Prime member!

She’s a Boy
Joe Holliday, Louise Chapman

she's a boy

I have a badly written review for this here, as it was just so hard to review something so personal and raw. This is basically someone talking about their experiences being born with organs that aren’t fully formed or missing completely including their genitalia. They were born male, but raised a girl, and it talks about the gender spectrum and how even if you feed a child everything stereotypical female or stereotypical male they can still turn out to feel differently. Some points I didn’t completely agree with, but overall I gave it three out of five stars.

Juliet Takes a Breath
Gabby Rivera

juliet takes a breath

You can read the review here. To summarize, it was fairly slow at the start and was just riddled with white feminism but, nearer to the end, it got a lot more interesting and a lot more events started to happen and things really picked up. The harm in white feminism was, eventually, addressed as well and I gave this a 3 out of 5 stars.


Overall, not the best reading month I’ve had but it wasn’t terrible either!

Until next time,






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