A Writing Slump


I’m in such a writing slump, it’s hard to even write a post about writing slumps. My brain is so foggy lately, and exhausted. Part of this is due to battery drainage, part of this is due to depression, part of it is due to not really having the time when I do have energy to actually do things I enjoy like write and read. Part of it is also due to lack of ideas. I’ll probably write about my 21st birthday just gone, but that’s the only idea I currently have aside from book reviews.

I could also talk about this moving on course I’m currently attending but I’m not even halfway through it yet, and it might be best to wait to write that for when it’s over (or almost over). I’m just out of ideas right now! (Feel free to suggest some, I’d appreciate it).

I thought I would just write a really short and brief update, though, on why I haven’t been posting much. I’m kind of sad about it, I miss it, and because when I go back to college in September I’ll be posting much less frequently as a lot of my time and energy will go on assignments. I wanted to enjoy this while I could! I still have time, it’s not the end of the world.

Anyway, yes, brief little update. See you soon, hopefully!


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2 thoughts on “A Writing Slump”

  1. Writing slumps are awful! I went through one a month or so ago, where I was frustrated with anything I wrote, which meant I wouldn’t write anything, which meant it’d kick my anxiety into gear. And there’s no one way to fix it for me. Sometimes I’ll just force myself to get on with writing, or other times I’ll take a break. Whatever way you do it I hope it works soon!

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