Squealing Over Kim Reaper

kim reaper

I am a little bit of a comic-nerd (although not really a massive fan of Marvel or DC, sorry!) and while searching for something new to read I came across this. I’ve only read the first three (reading the forth soon, the rest aren’t out yet) but I have completely fallen in love and I am about to tell you why.

The aesthetic of it all/the artwork is fucking amazing. It’s beautiful, it’s cute, the theme is mostly very “feminine” colours like pinks, purples and pastels. It’s adorable. Obviously, it’s about a reaper, so it has this theme of death but it’s done in such a cute way. The writing is also so funny, it makes me chuckle, and did I mention it’s absolutely adorable?

The storyline is so super fun. I’m trying really hard not to say adorable, but it is, the whole thing is adorable.

The main character, Becca, is a POC. Yes, a POC main character! I originally thought she was a lesbian but after an interaction with a male at a party, I think she might be bisexual. Either way, she has an interest in Kim who is also a lesbian/bisexual and a brand new reaper who guides spirits to the afterlife. They have cute little arguments, they fall for each other, it’s so adorable.

Becca also attends university! I am not in university, I attend college, but it’s still really nice to read something for the young adult audience that isn’t them in school! In the UK, you leave school at 15/16 years old and it’s up to you really if you want to continue education or not. Most people choose to continue on to do A Levels, college or/and university.

This is the first time I’ve really come across a lesbian/bisexual main character in a comic and I was thrilled about it! This comic is like everything I ever want from a comic put into one so this isn’t really a review post, more like me telling you in a very excited tone of voice that you should 100% definitely read and support it. I really want this to be a cartoon, like Steven Universe.

Ugh, I love it so much. Read it.

Until next time,

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