REVIEW | The House by Drew Zucker and Philip Sevy, #1-6

The House

Some of you may know (especially if you’ve followed me here from my previous blog) that I am a rather big horror fan. Although I’m not really big on gore/zombies, that kind of thing, I love paranormal, physiological type horrors.  I like the feeling of tension, I like stories that make you think and make you on edge long after the story is over. I’m always looking for comics, books and TV shows/movies that can give this to me.

I recently found this series called The House which focuses on a group of soldiers in World War Two who “camp” in this house to hide from their German enemies. However, this house has its own ideas. It’s giving me very Grave Encounter and Blair Witch Project type vibes here as the house just keeps on going. You go through the door you came in to and expect to be outside, but you’re not, you step right back into the house. Not only that, but the house seems to bring on a demon for each character and tricks them into doing what the house wants you to do. There also seems to be Hell, as in actual Hell, in the basement of the house. Interesting? I thought so too.

Characters, Plot, Dialogue and Artwork 

This is a heavily character-driven story. The plot itself is guided by the characters’ desires and fears, and their past. However, by the end of comic six, I still have difficulty knowing who is who and who has what name. This might be my fault and my lack of paying attention, but I personally feel like there wasn’t a strong enough distinction between each person.

I also feel like the artwork played a factor here, too. It’s not a bad artstyle at all. I think, especially for this genre, it would work quite well. I just don’t like it that much. I liked the plot and the dialogue so much that I kept on reading and I wanted to know more. The tension was high, it kept building up and up with each comic. The artstyle alone would not have been good enough for me to want to pick it up and read more. Because of that, I found it hard to know the difference between characters (which may have been more of a problem with me, and not a problem with the artist themselves). They also didn’t really refer to each other by name a whole lot and, because they were soldiers, they were all of course wearing the same thing (aside from the Nazi).

Their Take on Horror 

I think this might be the main reason as to why I would recommend this. I, personally, find it very difficult to come across gripping horror comics. The last one I read was Tomboy (and I have reviews of what I have read so far here).

I don’t like horror comics that rely on pointless drama and gore to keep the story going (looking at you, Walking Dead, although I don’t actually hate this comic series, it belongs in horror – just not personally my cup of tea) but something that goes deeper than that and really keeps you hooked and makes you doubt your own head. I wouldn’t say this comic series scared me, as such, but it kept me on the edge of my seat and it somehow managed to produce jumpscares without music and cameras. Well, maybe that does mean I was scared…a bit.

Maybe it’s just because of how rare it is to find a good comic in the sub-genre within the genre that I love that I’m hyping this up more in my head, but I personally really liked it, I enjoyed it, I read the next comic immediately after I had finished one. I’m not sure if the seventh, and last, comic is out yet or when it is coming out but I am very excited for it. The cliffhanger at the end of comic six was almost too much, and it was a very “wtf!” moment and I just need to find out how that ends.


To summarize, their take on the horror genre was not completely original and the artstyle isn’t something I’m all that fond of but the dialogue and the creepy factor and the plot were all up there and for that reason I would definitely recommend this to any horror fans. It isn’t up on Goodreads so I don’t have a rating up on there just yet. I’d probably give this a 3.5/4 out of 5.

I know this is a little cheeky to ask but college is coming up and I’m a little stressed about money so if you have spare change that could help me out, you can here, thank you. 

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