Books With Autistic MC’s Written By Autistics


I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while and I thought I had already written it but apparently not! This is just a list of books with autistic main character’s that are written by autistic people. I have only read one of them, but I have autistic friends whose opinions of which I trust that have read the others and have praised them for their accurate representations. So here it is, my list of recommendations:

The State of Grace
Rachael Lucas

the state of grace

Amazon  | Book Depository 

I read this a few months ago and, despite it being a romance and I’m not heavily into romances, I really enjoyed it. It was accurate with things that we struggle with, like finding situations really overwhelming and going out of our way to fit in with neurotypical people but struggling. I recommend it to young teenagers who are autistic and struggling with their identity. It also shows that autistic people are lovable and can find love, which is important.

On the Edge of Gone
Corinne Duyvis

the edge of gone


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This is about an autistic girl called Denise in a science-fiction world where she needs to board a ship to escape her planet but she’s worried that she won’t be accepted on board because of her disability. I’ve been wanting to read this since forever so it’ll have to be something I pick up soon. It sounds really different and it’s awesome to be represented in something so adventurous.

Queens of Geek
Jen Wilde

queens of geek

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I currently own this book and I’m so excited to get around to it! It’s told from multiple perspectives and one of those perspectives is from someone who is autistic. I don’t know much aside from that, and how they’re all at a comicon. It’s also very queer, and cute!

Chameleon Moon
RoAnna Sylver

chameleon moon.jpg

Pretty much anything by RoAnna Sylver will have autistic characters in them! Although nobody in this book (I don’t think) openly says they’re autistic, in Book 2; The Lifeline Signal, there is autistic characters as well as in the short stories that are listed on the home page of RoAnna’s Patreon (that you can see even if you’re not a Patreon!). It’s a young adult science-fiction/SFF with a trans main character.

Amazon | RoAnna’s Patreon 

Odd Girl Out
Laura James

odd girl out

Amazon | Book Depository 

This is more of a new adult/adult book about autism from the perspective of an autistic woman who was not diagnosed and did not find out she was autistic until her forties, which is a very common reality for autistic women as we commonly go under the radar. Laura also experiences EDS and talks about the connections between EDS and autism, which is pretty interesting. I own this book and started it but got too busy to finish it, but that is something I plan on doing.


So, that’s all I have right now! If you have any more suggestions on what books you know of with autistic main characters and written by autistic people than I’d be interested in knowing what they are.

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13 thoughts on “Books With Autistic MC’s Written By Autistics

  1. I would also recommend anything written by the author L.C. Mawson. She is autistic as well and writes books with a diverse range of characters, such as autistic, LGBT, wheelchair-bound, deaf, etc. This is a link to her site: . You can join her ARC team and get all of her books for free if you post reviews of them. I am on it, and I haven’t found a single one of her books that I haven’t absolutely loved. Thanks for all of these other recommendations!

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  2. I found On the Edge of Gone so relatable that I had post-its littered around with lines from the book. I’m a fan of Sci Fi, and the author did a great job of seamlessly integrating an autistic character into the genre. I am so excited about Corrine Duyvis as an author, and I can’t wait to see what she does next!

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