My NetGalley TBR List!

Ashley Ledigo

This is about a world that is similar to Earth, but is not. It is a world where all the things that humans sketch come to life. However, this opens up a door to destruction and the two main characters aim to stop them. It sounds magical and interesting and also completely silly, but it’s absolutely something I’m interested in so I can’t wait to get around to this.

This is Just My Face
Gabourey Sidibe

I don’t know who Gabourey is, but I’m very interested in knowing. It’s basically a talk about her life and all the challenges she’s faced with, including her race and her weight, and I know it’s going to be really insightful and interesting.

Martin Suter

This follows the story of a tiny glow in the dark elephant that also happens to be pink. This elephant is about to change their life and develop friendships. It sounds so cute and adorable.

The Sum of Us
A group of authors

I am…two whole months past the archive date for this, so I really need to get to it soon, which basically follows the tales of individual stories on caregiving. This could easily slip into problematic, so I’m a little worried about going into this, but I’ll let you know what I think of it when I get to it.

The Hazel Wood
Melissa Albert

The archive date for this is really soon, so I also need to get around to this in the next week. This is about a girl called Alice and her mother, who spend their life on the road. This is about the supernatural and fairytales, which is exactly the kind of thing I’m interested in. I think I’ve heard a lot of people talk about this, too, so that’s pretty cool.


That’s what I have been approved for so far! As I read them, I will review them either in end-of-the-month wrap ups or in their own reviews. I don’t have the time to review every book I read, so I usually pick and choose ones I want to talk about if I have a lot of feelings on it but if it’s just “I liked it/it was okay/I didn’t like it”, I tend not to review it in it’s own post!

Until next time,


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