Review | Love Sugar Magic by Anna Meriano

love sugar magic

Genre: middle grade, magical realism? (I’m not sure what that definition is!)
Representation: Mexican #OwnVoices


So, I’ve had this sitting on my shelf for a while and since I’m doing a reading challenge at college (but I have a lot of work to do, so I wanted something a little easier), I decided to pick it up. I think the cover art is beautiful and the whole colour scheme of the book is gorgeous. It’s so eye catching!

This was a first book in a series, so it did to a point fall for that whole “setting up the world/characters” thing that a lot of first books in a series do. The first half of this was a little slow, which is unexpected for a middle grade book. The second half, though, really picked up. I mean, it was a bakery with witchcraft and ghosts! Of course it was awesome.

I really like Leo as a main character, too, she’s so feisty and headstrong and troublesome. She was really interesting, and I love the contrast between her and her best friend Caroline too. I also loved the edition of the black cat, and how Spanish was being spoken throughout the book which I think Mexican children will really love and it’s so wonderful that they get to see themselves represented, and in such a great book too! It’s cute and fun, I recommend it. I rated it four out of five stars.

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