What I Read in April ’18!

Yes, this is pretty late! I’ve been so busy for a while, and my mental health hasn’t been at it’s full productivity levels so I just…put blogging on the backseat. I’ve been meaning to write reviews and finish a couple of tags but they just haven’t been getting done. Yay, procrastination!

Anyway, here are the books that I read throughout April which…it wasn’t very much because, again, not the greatest at being productive lately! In fact, it was only three (and spoiler alert, but not doing too great at reading during May either!)

Radio Silence
Alice Oseman

This wasn’t just one of the best books I’ve read this year, but maybe ever. I started this in the morning and, by the late afternoon, it was finished. It’s rare that I finish books in one day. It was just incredible. I love the messages it has in it. I read this on eBook but I’m considering buying a physical copy just to love. Trigger warnings for parental abuse and death of a pet, though.

Heroine Worship
Sarah Kuhn

This is the second book in the Heroine Complex series and I have said this every time I mention these books but their covers are absolutely amazing, I adore them so much and if there’s ever posters of these book covers I want all three. Each book is told from a different characters’ perspective and this time we got the very feisty and fiery Aveda. I really like “unlikeable”, sassy main characters so obviously I loved it and I can’t wait to read the third one

Vampire Academy
Richelle Mead

I was…surprised by how much I enjoyed this, especially considering it’s basically just high school drama with sex thrown in. The plot, though, was incredible. There wasn’t a single dull moment. I also really love Rose, as a main character, because again I really like “unlikeable” sassy main characters. She was fire, in human form. I know that she’s full of herself but honestly? I can’t hate confident women. It helps that vampires are my guilty pleasure.


I’m going to try and read more in May! So far, I’m not even halfway into More Than This by Patrick Ness and it’s almost a 500 page book so I feel like I probably shot a little too high with that one.

Until next time,


2 thoughts on “What I Read in April ’18!

    1. I tend to be the other way around for some reason! I’m a bit mopey in the hotter weather and I thrive much better in colder temperatures! It’s strange. Thank you!! It is absolutely gorgeous, the artist for these covers did a fantastic job


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