January Reads / / 2019

I actually started writing this at the start of January, but I never finished it, so I finished it now and it’s being posted sometime in Febuary/March (I have yet to decide!). I read quite a lot, so it’s quite long, but I guess some people like that. Enjoy!

Hello, blog! I know this is a very “long time, no see” situation but so much has happened within the past few months that I wouldn’t even know how to summarise it all. I’ve also been in a massive book slump where I’ve had difficulty in actually getting any reading done. I may have burnt myself out too quickly this month but I’m still really enjoying reading again and I really missed blogging! So, here we go, what I read in January 2019…


Pat Smy

I went into this not really knowing what I was expecting and it turned out to actually be really good, and very creepy. It tells two stories. One is written in the format of diary entries from the past, another in a black and white comic from a girl in the future that is reading her diaries. It would have been a really good October read!

girls in love

Girls in Love
Jacqueline Wilson 

As is probably obvious from the large gap between blog posts, and if you follow my Goodreads, then you’ll know that I’ve been in a large book slump. I used to love these books as a kid, and they were just what I needed to find the joy in reading again.

twilight the graphic novel

Twilight the Graphic Novel: Volume 1 + 2
Young Kim

This was split into two different books but I’m just going to lump them together. Twilight is a guilty pleasure of mine and I’ve really started to get back into it lately. Plus, comic books and graphic novels are one of my favourite ways to read but not something I do all that often.

girls under pressure

Girls Under Pressure
Jacqueline Wilson

This book talks a lot about weight, self esteem and the potential of eating disorders and how easy they can be to fall into. Eating disorders are one of the most deadly forms of mental illness, so I think this book is an important one and it helped me a lot as a kid.

shadow and bone

Shadow and Bone 
Leigh Bardugo

I hear people talk about this author a lot so I just wanted to check out one of her books. A new library opened nearby and when I saw this there I decided to give it a try. I actually really liked it, even though some of the plot twists were extremely predictable. It was enjoyable nonetheless.


Marcus Sedgwick 

Another one that I went into having no idea what it was about, and honestly even after finishing it I’m still not entirely sure. The story seems to go back in time, talking about how these two people always find each other in the end in one way or another. It was actually quite sweet and, as we go through the book, we find more and more about how that came to happen. This is a very unique style and format for me, as well, so personally I think it’s a very memorable read.

the haunting of jessop rise

The Haunting of Jessop Rise
Danny Weston

As you might have already guessed by now, I’m really into horrors. This was also set in Wales, where I’m from. I know Wales can probably be a bit spooky to other people so I’m glad that it’s a settling for many horror writers. This follows the story of a boy who got sent to his uncle’s house where he is set to work and discovers not everything is at it seems. Again, another predictable read, but I still enjoyed it.

the loneliest girl in the universe

The Loneliest Girl in the Universe
Lauren James 

This is probably one of my favourites out of everything I have read this month. This follows a girl whose entire crew died and she’s left to defend for herself on the ship, until she receives reports from Earth talking about how there’s a war cutting off her communication with them. She’s left with just another ship to talk to, that’s coming right for her. It’s really fast paced, the plot twist was really well done and they somehow managed to keep it really interesting despite there only being one person for a majority of the book.

Some Planet
Jamie Mortara 

This is a poetry collection about the planet and about being human. It’s so well done, so raw and so clever. I must admit I’m not usually a fan of poetry and I find that it can be difficult to understand as well but this was amazing.

the coldest girl in coldtown

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown
Holly Black

I had seen this everywhere and it took me a while to actually pick it up and read this. Thankfully, my local library had a copy. It had quite a few flaws, but I loved the original take on vampires and how dark it was. For a fantasy book with no sequel, she managed to pack a lot about the world while still building it up quite well.

the weight of water

The Weight of Water
Sarah Crossan

It was told in poetry form, which I would usually really enjoy, but the fact that its a story about a girl who is a Polish immigrant and the author is not didn’t really sit well with me. The book was good, but I just don’t feel like this was her experiance to write, even if she had good intentions behind it.

say her name

Say Her Name
James Dawson

This was about the Bloody Mary actually being real in an old girls’ boarding school. It was an original take on Bloody Mary, but it still read like a tacky horror movie. I happen to love tacky horror movies.


Alice Broadway

Another book that I’ve been seeing everywhere. It had a nice premise but it just wasn’t pulled off that well and the book ended up falling flat. A shame, because the cover is gorgeous. It also didn’t feel very racially sensitive. There are cultures extremely similar to this and I’d have to consult someone from one of these cultures to be sure, I’m just not sure if it was racist or not and my sitting on the fence about it is what brought it down another star for me.

seige and storm

Seige and Storm
Leigh Bardugo

I’ve been wanting to read something by this author for a while because I see her being talked about all the time. Although fantasy is something I enjoy, it isn’t my favourite, but I picked it up anyway and ended up really enjoying it. The main charecter was just so enjoyable.


Craig Thompson

It always feels strange to review an autobiography but I really thought this was enjoyable. Aside from the ableism, it was a perfect mixture of cute and heartbreaking and I love how all the stories were connected by blankets.


David Almond

The premise of this was really interesting but the writing just…didn’t pull it off, really. It was really boring and I felt like I was waiting for something to happen that just never happened, even though I wasn’t sure what I was waiting for. I’m confused as to why this book is so well known that its now a movie. Nothing really…happened?

love letters to the dead

Love Letters to the Dead
Ava Dellaira

This was about a girl who, for an assignment at school, has to write to someone dead. She ends up filling a notebook full of letters, so it reads about the progression of her life and how she has dealt with the death of her sister and the sexual abuse she recieved as a child. It was heartbreaking, honest and raw.

my second life

My Second Life
Faye Bird

I was only going to read a chapter or two before bed but then I ended up reading the whole thing. It was about unwrapping something that happened to Emma has a child, except she still is a child born again with memories of her previous existance. It was predictable and I always knew where it was going, but it was a very sad and fustrating story of grief.

the moment collector

The Moment Collector
Jodi Lynn Anderson

This is advertised like a ghost story, but it really wasn’t. It did have some paranormal elements to it, but really it was about friendship and loss. Maybe if I went into this with a more realistic idea of what it was actually about, I might have enjoyed it more, but it was just kinda flat and dull.

charlotte says

Charlotte Says
Alex Bell

I actually enjoyed this one more than I enjoyed the first one. It was set in a girls’ boarding school in the past with a backstory of the house that was featured in the first book. It was so scary and haunting and gory. I loved it.

blood family

Blood Family
Anne Fine

This would have been good, if it wasn’t for the ableism and the fatphobia. It was never clear what the author agreed with and what was just fitting for his charecter. Nobody even fighted against his ignorance or acknowledged it existed until near the end of the book.


So, there you go! Twenty one books read in January. Sorry for the long, and late, post on this. I personally enjoy reading long posts about what people read and what they thought about them so why not make one of my own. I’m also really proud of this. I remember when I was excited about reading nine books in a month.




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    1. I did! I’m surprised because I usually read at a much slower pace but this year I haven’t been able to get through a day without a book in my hand. That was SO good, I was shocked at how good it was x

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