So, if we’re friends or if you’ve been following my blog for a LONG time, you’ll know that I’m a horror fan – especially with paranormal/supernatural horror. I don’t know why. My dad was a really big fan of horror, so from a young age I was exposed to this and I guess I just grew a connection to it.

This is a movie discussion, so this blog post does contain spoilers. If you want to watch this movie and you don’t want to be spoiled, the rest of this post will contain spoilers. Also, skip this wall of text if you don’t need a reminder about what happened in the movie/don’t want to know, and skip to the text after the next photo.

This was a movie I’ve wanted to see forever. It came onto Amazon Prime Video and I watched it basically straight away. I’m not usually afraid of movies, but this one terrified me. I think it’s because of all the emotion that went into it. It relied on that, rather than jump scares and typical paranormal/supernatural horror movie stuff. I just wanted to make a blog post talking about it. I’m not a movie expert, I just like watching movies and then…talking about them.

So, this movie is about a mother, a father, a son and a daughter. The mother is called Annie, who is having a hard time dealing with the death of her mother. Through this, she kind of bonds with Charlie because Charlie was her grandmothers favourite out of the two children. Her brother is called Peter, and the father is called Steve.

Leigh, the grandmother, came close to Charlie because Annie didn’t want her to get close to him – a fact that, even after knowing the ending, I’m still confused by. Charlie admits that her grandmother wanted her to be a boy (is this why Annie didn’t want Leigh to get close to Peter? If so, surely she knew what was going on? Why did she seem so confused? And why did she let Leigh get close to either of her kids if this was the case?)

Charlie is quite a strange child. For a while, I wondered if she was disabled. If she was, I wasn’t a fan of how the movie was betraying it considering Charlie ended up being a demon. After some Googling, though, I don’t think this was the case. Thankfully. I think she was portrayed that way because she was, well, a demon…

Although mental illness was still portrayed as evil within the movie. It was just briefly mentioned, because we learnt that Annie’s family had mental illness that eventually led to their deaths. Which leads me to think it really wasn’t a mental illness, but the fact that there’s a demon somewhere here, I guess?

Charlie has an allergic reaction to a cake with nuts in it at a party that Peter took her too. He took her to it, but left her alone in the room to be with a girl he has a crush on. On her ride to the hospital, Charlie sticks her head out of the window to get more air in hopes it will help her breathe. There was some sort of roadkill on the road that causes Peter to sweve, but he hits Charlies head on a post, killing her. The post has the same symbol on Annie’s necklace and which is also on the spellbook.

At a councilling session, Annie meets someone that can speak to her dead grandson. This woman, Joan, suggests to Annie to try the same thing to speak to Charlie. Annie asks Steve and Peter to join in, too. Unfortunately, this makes Peter a target for whatever the heck Annie calls into their family. Their is a theory that Charlie never existed, and that she was a demon all along, so they did actually call Charlie into the family…but she wasn’t a human girl, and never was.

That scene where Peter gets posessed by Charlie in the classroom and then smashes his face into the desk genuinely terrified me. Like, I had to pause the movie for a second. I don’t know why it scared me so much. I just have never seen anything like that before in a horror movie, so I really wasn’t prepared for it.

Annie then becomes posessed, as well.  Is Charlie just moving from body to body? If she is a demon, is she in more than one body at once? Or is Ellen here, too?

There is some sort of strange light, which I’m not sure was ever told to us what that was. Some sort of religious message, maybe? And…the house was full of naked strangers, I don’t know what that was about either. Then Peter was crowned one of the kings of Hell by these naked bodies, and even stranger they were by his grandmother and mother, both dead and without a head. They said they corrected his female body and now he is fit to rule (so, basically, one of the kings of hell is a trans man and suddenly it doesn’t feel like such a bad place anymore!)


Okay, very long summary of the movie over. Now I want to talk about it! Okay, so, at first I thought it was a religious ceremony of sorts. Sort of like the Second Coming, but the Hell version instead. Do they just recruit new Kings from families that make sacrifices? I’m guessing Leigh planned to sacrifce Peter, but because Annie wouldn’t let her get close to him, she had to get to Charlie instead and allow her to be posessed before they could prepare Peter and his body to become the King instead.

Also, though, it’s kind of like a cult. Especially with all the symbols and how everyone sort of acts the same way and makes really dramatic sacrifices they can’t undo. I’m guessing Leigh sacrificed her family, hence why everyone of them dies, for wealth and power that Peter would adopt once he became King.

Because of all the symbols, it might even be possible that they’re witches? Although this theory doesn’t make much sense because why would they kill all the women for a man to be the leader if they were witches? That would not at all be a very witch thing to do. It’s clear that Leigh has been making spells, though, with the symbol of the spellbook everywhere. With the fact that the post that killed Charlie having the symbol on it, her death was clearly planned.

It might just be from mythology. A mythology horror movie? This is probably why this is one of my favourites that I have ever seen and why it’s so unique, but I don’t know myths well enough to really comment on that. I wish I did, though. I used to be really interested in them and I still am, but I haven’t done much research lately,

I think really it was just so horrifying because, like I said earlier, the whole movie relied on emotions. The whole family was decaying from grief, and it was terrifying how fast this happened and how deep those scars run. Although, in most normal families who go through grief, they won’t all die and one of them won’t be a transgender male in charge of Hell with the other seven Kings but everyone is different.

Basically, if anyone else has seen this movie, I’d love to have a discussion with you because personally I found this movie really interesting and I want to know more about what other people think about it.





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