Books #31 – 35

Hello, I hope you’re enjoying these! I’m posting everything really close t

ogether for now because I want to catch up on these soon. Obviously, I only thought of doing this when it’s nearly March, so I have a whole months worth of books to catch up on! Anyway, books 31 to 35, here we go.

If I Was Your Girl
Meredith Russo

if i was your girl


Amanda is the new girl at her school. She’s left everything behind, and wants to start a fresh clean slate. She’s keeping secrets, even from Grant, the boy she’s falling in love with. At her old school, everyone called her Andrew. Secrets always have a way of getting out.


Wow, this was amazing. I didn’t want to read it for so long because I knew it would be a difficult read, which it was. It was so worth it though. It talks about all the difficulties that transgender women go through, and what she has to cope with just for being transgender. It also gives subtle advice to the readers on how to treat transgender women (because apparently with the same kindness you should give everyone isn’t a common answer!). Would 100% reccomend (trigger warnings: sexual assault, homophobia, transphobia, severe bullying, emotional trauma)

Ann Sarah Juckes



This follows the story of Ele. She is help captive in a room that is called “Him”. Ele is determined to prove that Outside exists. When she finds a hole in the wall, proof starts leaking in. This follows the tale of the importance of stories to save lives.


Although the plot twist at the end really shocked me, the rest of the book was kind of boring. I loved Ele and her optimism and how much she copes with the hardships in her life, and show she has spinned stories to cope with her awful situation. But, again, it was just…really dull. Even though it was only short.

Children of Blood and Bone
Tomi Adeyemi

children of blood and bone


They killed my mother. They took our magic. They tried to bury us. Now we rise.


I find books I absolutely adored really hard to review because I don’t know what else to say other than WOW THAT WAS AMAZING. Which is…pretty much everything I have to say for this one. Charecter development? Amazing. Plot? Amazing. Writing style? Amazing. Stucture? Amazing. All I have to say is that you should read it.




Nine students. Three blood sports. One deadly weekend. It’s the autumn term and Greer is struggling to settle in at the sixth form in the exclusive St.Aidan the Great boarding school, known as S.T.A.G.S. Greet gets an invitation with three words on it: huntin’ shootin’ fishin’. Greer learns that its an invitation to spend half term weekend at the country manor of Henry de Warlencourt, the most popular and wealthy boy at S.T.A.G.S. She is as surprised as she is flattered. Greer starts to realize as the weekend goes by that this is getting slowly darker and more twisted.


This was…bad. There isn’t really another way to put it, it was just bad. The writing style was so monotone and difficult to get through, it was like walking through water. The whole book was an absolute mess, the structure was just awful. None of the charecters were relatable because they were almost all white and rich, and at many points tried to make it seem like this is why we should feel sorry for them (no thanks). I gave it two stars because I liked it enough to finish it but, otherwise, it was just horrible.


My reading pace is going much slower recently but I hope you’re enjoying these posts!



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