Why I Read

I don’t get this question that often, but I do ask myself it a lot and I do see it around a lot. I just wanted to make a semi-discussion post, I guess, on the reasons why I read and how it all started.

I don’t actually remember the first time I picked up a book. My mother said my favourite toy as a baby was a soft book that I cuddled to sleep. Even my name was after a book charecter. All of these are just coincidences, but I still think it’s cool enough to mention.

I’m not really in much contact with my dad anymore, but he’s a big reader. I know he loves Stephen King, because I used to see those on his bookshelves all the time. Growing up, he’d always donate books he didn’t want anymore to me. I think the only age appropriate books I got were Harry Potter and a few by Roald Dahl!

As I grew older, I hid in the library a lot. Like many people were, I was bullied, so I spent my time in an enviroment where I was always under watch by adults. I read a lot in those libraries, like Horseland, and it’s where I found Cathy Cassidy. Honestly, I didn’t read as much as I do now growing up, but that’s because I had a Playstation and spent a lot of time doing homework…

When I took a class in English Literature, it damaged my love for reading a little bit because it turns out I love reading for fun but when we go deeper into hidden meanings I lost interest. A lot of what we were reading was stuff like John Steinbeck, as well, which just wasn’t something I was interested in.

Books still have the same meaning to me today as what they meant to me years ago. They help pull me out of the world and reality, they help me cope. Being in a world that is not my own feels somewhat freeing to me. I also adore the stories that come from them – people being posessed by bears, a land where people can summon sunlight, a world where being able to see will get you killed, witches fighting for a throne, vampires, and living in space.

Even when the books aren’t about anything magical and amazing, reading through people experiancing travelling or romance, or their connection to the universe as they walk through the park – all of these are beautiful.

Sometimes, I read things that aren’t so beautiful. Reading about people who go through trauma helps me to cope with my own, in a way. Due to my childhood, I like horror and thrillers too. My dad watched them a lot when I was a kid and reccomended me books that were horror or thriller. I really like reading those, too. I’m not sure why on that one though. I think I just like feling fear that is something else, other than the usual fear I usually feel.

I’m sure maybe  I can write more deep and meaningful responses in the future and what specific books meant to me and why, but for now this is what I got! I’d like to read some more posts about why other people like reading.



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