Behind the Blogger Tag

Because I enjoyed the last tag so much, I decided to do another! It’s scheduled about three weeks in advance but hopefully that shouldn’t matter too much, I don’t think its one of those tags where the questions are time-specific if that makes sense! Anyway, lets get into it

Why Did You Start Blogging and Why Have You Kept Blogging?

I started because I had nobody to talk to about the things I had an interest in. It includes books, autism, disability, mental illness and things that are going on in my life. I love interacting with other bloggers on what we post, and sharing what we love.

I haven’t been blogging recently, really, I’ve only recently jumped back into it. I really missed it, though. I’ve kept blogging because I enjoy it.

What is Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write?

I like writing about opinions, and discussion posts. I think those are my favourites. Just connecting with like-minded people, and being able to open my mind about a topic with people I can talk to about it.

What Are Your Top Three Favourite Blog Posts?

I’m assuming this means ones I’ve written, which is difficult because I never re-read blog posts I’ve written once they’re up unless I get a comment referencing something I’ve forgotten about, but these are probably my favourite:

  1. Please Don’t Watch Atypical
  2. I Have No Sense of Self
  3. What is Fatphobia/Fatmisia?

I think I like these the best not because they are well written but because they are written on topics I care about.

What Are Some of Your Favourite Things to Do to Relax?

To be honest, I find it quite difficult to relax. I used to read in the bath with some candles when it’s dark outsdie to relax, but we don’t have a bath anymore, although I still like showers. Now I just sit with Netflix on in the background playing Animal Crossing or something.

What Are Three of Your Favourite Things?

  1. My cat, Tess, and my pet rats Groot and Rocket
  2. My partner, Kai
  3. Chocolate

What Are Your Proudest Blogging Moments?

Whenever someone follows me or likes a post I put up, I feel a little pride just because I’ve written something people don’t absolutely hate and that means something to me.

What Are Your Hobbies Outside of Blogging?

1. Writing, although I don’t write much anymore, not because I lost interest but because I’m not good at it
2. Reading, of course. I read loads.
3. Working with animals, I adore animals
4. I like going to the gym and walking. I can’t swim, but I’m going to some fitness lessons that happen in a pool soon.
5. Watching Netflix, I love horrors and thrillers the most and some kids’ movies. Also, I am obsessed with One Day at a Time.
6. Playing games on my phone – current favourites are Animal Crossing and Pokemon Go.
7. Reading textbooks and articles, mostly for fun and sometimes because I have to

Describe your Personality in Three Words?

Annoying, dull, passionate

What Are Your Top Three Pet Peeves?

I have so many, so I’m going to have to narrow this down somehow, and my pet peeves depend on where I am and what I’m doing so they can vary.

  1. People eating with their mouth open
  2. People who say unneccessary, mean comments about someone, especially when it’s something they can’t change. I find this especially true in the culture we have today, where people get popular from saying nasty things about people online
  3. When people say my rats are gross – rude!

What’s Something Your Followers Don’t Know About You?

I’m not sure! Probably a lot. I’m quite an open book, really. I guess one would be that I’m religious.


So that’s it! I don’t have anyone to tag so, if you want to do this, consider yourself tagged by me! This one was really enjoyable, I hope it wasn’t too boring for you.


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