ReelReviews: FirstBorn (2016)

Hello! I used to do this on my old blog, which was also called ReelReviews I think, where I spoke about movies that I had recently watched and wanted to talk about – they were mostly horror movies, because I am a fanatic for paranormal horror movies. Also, they’re not the best reviews in the world that are very intellectual and well written. They’re just me talking about what I thought of the movie. I’ve never studied film!

They are also not always about movies. Sometimes, they’re about TV shows I’ve watched that I wanted to talk about.

Anyway, I used to really enjoy doing it even though they weren’t that popular, so I wanted to try doing it again. So, heres my first post!


Genre: paranormal horror
Director: Nirpal Bhogal
Writers: Sean Hogan, Nirpal Bhogal
Starring: Antonia Thomas, Luke Norris, Thea Petrie


A young couple discover that they are pregnant and, at first, she is hesitant and nervous about having a baby but they soon become excited about the prospect of having a child together. Their world is quickly thrown upsidedown when they discover that their child brings along with her terrifying entities which threaten their newly formed family.


I found this on Netflix and I love watching random horror movies on Netflix. I’ve found some really good ones, some okay ones, and some terribly bad ones. Some so bad, they were amusing and hilarious to watch. This one was one of the good ones.

This really felt like the birth child of STRANGER THINGS and SIXTH SENSE to me? Although absolutely nowhere near as good as either of those are. I enjoyed this, but it wasn’t STRANGER THINGS/SIXTH SENSE good. It even reminds me a little bit of INCIDIOUS, and whatever is haunting Thea haunted James in the past as well. James’ father noted that this was heridtary.

I loved how it touched on how Charlie, especially, felt burdened by the responsibility of not feeling like they can do enough for their child to protect them from forces they can’t control (I also liked how both Charlie and Thea are black women). I also feel like it touched a little on isolation, as Charlie and James are cut off from other parents and normality due to the unusual situation revolving around Thea.

Although I’ve seen other movies like this, it still felt unique because it wasn’t what I expected – it had a 70’s vibe to it that I really liked, both parents jumped headfirst into wanting to protect their child from the outside world rather than pretending like it didn’t exist, and there were parts that really scared me – if something was doing that to my child and I couldn’t stop it, I would be horrified.

To summarise, I think this is absolutely worth a watch, especially on a night in when you’re finding it hard to find something to watch. I also think it’s worth watching because it stars two black women, and (spoiler alert) neither of them are killed off. It’s available on Netflix and you can watch the movie trailer for it here.



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