Autism Awareness Month – Uh Oh!


If you’ve been following me for a while, or any autistic for that matter, you’ll know that we are not a fan of autism awareness month. The reasoning for that is autistic people are often silenced by a multitude of people – often autism “experts” and the parents of autistic people. We are essentially gaslighted and manipulated into not talking about our own experiances with autism and what we want from people who support us.

For me, it involves seeing a lot of what upsets me. My mental health has been less than great, and honestly it’s the last thing I need. Avoiding social media won’t help, due to autism being so well known. I’ll see puzzle pieces and the colour blue everywhere!

Basically, I’ve made a list of what I personally want to come from Autism Awareness Month (and therefore what won’t happen):

  1. If you talk about autism, include autistic people. Our voice should always come before others, as we are the ones that live with autism everyday all the time – not our parents and not people who work with us
  2. Support charities that involve autistic people in their work. Therefore, not Autism Speaks or other well known autistic charities.
  3. The only reason why you should mention ABA, abusive “conversion therapy” for autistic people, is to say that you’re against it


I’m going to try my best to talk about topics that are important to me throughout April relating to autism, but it may be difficult for me due to my depression. I also want to try and have a guest post done by some autistic buddies.



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