ReelReviews || Paranormal: White Noise/ The Sound 2017

If you’re confused by why this has two titles, it’s because when researching it for an image and actor information, etc, I found that it could be searched underneath two different names – so I’ve included them both, that’s all that’s about! To make things even more confusing, slightly, it was originally called Lower Bay.

Also, just as a disclaimer, these are more like general discussion posts talking about what I enjoyed about the movie and what I didn’t more than a structured review.


Director: Jenny Mattison (directional debut)
Starring: Rose McGowan, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Eklund


Kelly is a writer that does not believe in the supernatural. She is a specialist in acoustic physics, who uses low frequency sound-waves to debunk reported paranormal activities from her online blog. She is introduced to a new case, a haunted subway station, where Kelly makes her way to explore the truth behind the forty-year-old suicide case.


Part of me really wants to support female directors, but unfortunately I just…didn’t like this. I think it had a lot of potential to be amazing and unique, but it really fell flat. I loved the idea of supernatural and paranormal elements mixed in with someone who is essentially a scientist.

A lot of the main charecters made decisions that didn’t make sense. At the start of the movie, Kelly gets a call to go to Toronto in Canada to explore an abandoned subway station. Maybe exploring different areas of the world that she isn’t nearby to would be more interesting for her online readers, but that still seems a…wild amount of distance to travel just to say something isn’t real.

Kelly takes a LOT of flashbacks. Maybe the writer didn’t know you can have flashbacks when you’re awake, but they just seemed to be an excuse to have flashback scenes. And I’m not entirely sure why you’d want to nap in a cold, damp subway station that probably smells of urine and has rats scattering around the place (I love rats but we all know wild rats carry a wave of diseases).

There is a guy who spends his time changing light bulbs throughout the movie whenever he’s in a scene – yeah, changing lightbulbs in an abandoned station that nobody is supposed to be in. A waste of time and money. Obviously, this was just an excuse to add someone else to the movie so it wouldn’t just be Kelly and to have someone explain the backstory of the station (which for some reason she didn’t research before she turned up).

To end it all, none of our questions that popped up throughout the movie ever get answered or explained. Nothing makes sense. Although this was clearly a budget movie and there was a limited amount of things they could explore in it, I felt like it could have been more interesting than it was. A huge shame because, again, I really want to support female directors in a male-dominated industry.

I’d probably give this about 2/5.



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