Autism Acceptance Month Day 2

autism acceptance month

What I Love About Being Autistic Is…

Pretty much everything! I love how I’m different without really trying. I like that I don’t feel pain the way other people do, which makes feelings of intense pain much easier to deal with. I like how I’m more free to be myself, like how other people will suppress it and instead say things like “I wish I could wear this/do this/act like this” and I’ll just do it.

I like how much empathy I have, even if this can be difficult to cope with sometimes. I like being able to emotionally connect to people, especially to animals, without much effort because I naturally can.

I like being able to be part of such a kind,  caring and diverse community where I’ve found friends that I highly value. I’ve never met people who care so deeply about other people before and they will help someone else in any way they can, no questions asked. I’m so proud to say I’m a member of this community (although nowhere near as amazing as they are).

Being autistic is really cool, and there’s nothing I would do to cure myself or give it up. The good parts make the bad parts worth it.

I actually made a post fairly recently on what I like about being autistic.



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