Autism Acceptance Month Day 3


autism acceptance month

My Diagnosis/Discovery Story…

For this one, I don’t have much interesting to say because I was diagnosed very young and I remember very little about the diagnosis. My mother noticed something very early on, when I was around two years old, that something was up as she worked with children (and still does) and is very famlar with the way children “normally” develop.

I wasn’t too good at eye contact, I wasn’t social at all (to the point where I didn’t even cry for attention or cuddles, I just cried for what I needed and prefered to be alone), I was very sensitive to touch and sound, and I often had meltdowns as well as tantrums and there was an obvious difference between the two. One was caused by being overloaded, and the other was caused by not getting what I wanted.

This did not get better with age. If anything, it got more obvious. I had a flurry of constant school reports saying how I wouldn’t socialise, how I wanted to be on my own, how I had difficulties paying attention in class and doing what the teacher asked me to do.

At some point, I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when I was around ten years old through a series of tests, interviews and observations. After that, I was taken out of school where I was severely bullied and into an Autistic Unit attached to a mainstream school. It was pretty good, actually, for my overall mental health in the end. I’d reccommend that.

Sorry for four posts in one day but I’m caught up now so it should go back to normal soon.



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