Autism Acceptance Month Days 4, 5 and 6

Oops…completely forgot to do these, again. I’m just going to do them all in one post this time instead of uploading three different posts. I might write some ahead of time just so that I know they will be published on the right day. Wow, I’m so good at this writing thing…

autism acceptance month

Day 4: Reactions to “Coming Out”

Due to the young age that I was diagnosed, I never had to come out as autistic. However, that doesn’t mean that new people I came across throughout my life would automatically know I was autistic just because I have a diagnosis. Obviously, I don’t go walking around wearing my diagnosis.

Some of the reactions have been mostly positive. Some have…not been so great. A lot of the reactions have been something like “oh, you don’t look autistic” or “I knew there was something up with you!”. Both of these are, of course, quite offensive.

I think I’ve mostly been lucky so far because I’ve had mostly positive responses. Some people to this day are still denying my autism, or denying the autistic traits, due to how I look so “high functioning”. Otherwise, it’s mostly been okay.

Day 5: Special Interests

Oh, I’m kind of upset I didn’t dedicate an entire post based on this one because talking about my special interests is one of my favourite things to do and not something I get to do often.

Some of my special interests include books, of course. I like writing, but I haven’t really ever taken it seriously. I don’t believe I have potential as an author. I do love reading, though. I currently have four bookshelves and I’m trying to acquire a fifth. I like collecting them, looking at them, smelling them, buying them, reading them, reviewing them. Books are very important to me. I briefly took an English Lit class for three years once I finished school, and that really took away my love for books for a little bit. I think not taking it seriously has worked well so far.

I really like Disney, toys, food, the paranormal (mostly ghosts) and animals. Anytime I am set up to talk about my special interests, I end up completely forgetting what they are. I’ve been thinking about talking about my special interests on my blog, but I know nobody really cares. I’m happy to talk about books, anyway.

Oh. I also like movies.

Day 6: Supports and Apprechiation

I didn’t understand this last year, and I can’t say I understand it much this year. Since last year, though, my situation has changed. I live in supported accomodation. This is different for everyone depending on the level of their needs and where they live. For me, it means I live with another autistic person and we have a set amount of hours that support workers come in everyday. So far, it’s four hours a day and we get extra hours on Mondays for any activities we want to do.

My support workers will help me with bills, going out, cleaning and cooking. Sometimes they will help us with other things as they come along like showering, medication and food shopping. Despire being labelled as “high functioning”, my function levels change day to day so my support workers can help accomodate that. I’m very lucky that I have support workers.

I’m…not really sure what the second half means, if I’m honest. I was just as confused last year.

Anyway, I’m now all caught up on Autism Acceptance Month posts so until tomorrow (maybe).




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