Autism Acceptance Month – Day Eleven

autism acceptance month


My main stim is biting. I have several things that I use to bite on. I have a little unicorn and an Oreo thing. The Oreo one is much harder and it’s textured, that one is also good for toothache! You can bite really hard on that one and you probably won’t even see the dent marks. My unicorn one is much softer, so I have to bite less hard but I prefer this one generally.

I have a dragon necklace (that I can’t find, but I know it’s in my room somewhere) with a little ring on it so I can play with it. It’s also a good audio stim, but as I said in Day Ten noise can be overwhelming for me so I don’t use it for that really. My friend, Skye, makes stim toys for neurodivergent people with beads and wires and feathers/charms, that they specially adapt to suit the person and they’ve made me one of those. I ordered another one too, so within the next couple of months I’ll have a new stim toy.

I also bounce my knee a lot. I know it can make other people anxious, but it’s an automatic thing that I can’t seem to help. I’ve pulled a muscle somewhere on that leg from bouncing it so much but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference, I’m still doing it…painfully.

There’s probably something I’m forgetting, there always is, but for now this is what I got for today!


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