Autism Acceptance Month – Day Ten

autism acceptance month

Sensory Life

Hmm…I’m not too sure what this means, but I guess it means what sensory topics I find overwhelming?? Which, I guess, would primarily be noise and scent. As I’m writing this, I’m currently in a very crowded room in college with people talking and it’s very distracting – so I’m not getting any work done, and I’m not reading anything. Noise can be very overwhelming for me, and I love quiet. Even little noises like hearing someone breathe can have me on edge sometimes.

With smells, it’s mostly bad smells but things like fragerence sprays can make me feel overwhelmed. The artificial scent feels like it’s clogging up all my breathing areas. It’s not fun. I deal with it by having earphones in all the time. I also avoid spraying things in my home.

I’m also quite sensitive to temperature. In my case, I find heat overwhelming. I prefer cooler/cold temperatures (so the fact the atmosphere is warming up doesn’t make me very happy). My heating is rarely on because I prefer to warm myself up with layers that can be taken off if the heat gets too much. My showers are normally lukewarm, even in the winter. In the summer, they’re as close to ice cold as I can get without it hurting my skin (and shower water can be quite painful, too, like tiny needles shooting from the sky).  I’m probably a nightmare to deal with in the summer.

I’m fairly good at ignoring pain but, maybe because of the above reasons, I find burns particularly difficult to deal with.

I only wear cotton, because other fabrics irritate my skin. That’s pretty much all the sensory things I can say, for now. I always forget something though!


2 thoughts on “Autism Acceptance Month – Day Ten

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