Autism Acceptance Month – Day Thirteen



Some members of my family aren’t so accepting of my autism, and even when they are they deny the traits that autism shows. An example is how I have developed social anxiety from a young age and many members of my family don’t understand why I can’t work, alongside how most work enviroments do not provide accomodations for autistic people.

Some members deny I’m autistic completely. They’ll think I’m weird at the same time as thinking “you don’t seem autistic”, not really making any connection between the two.

Some members of my closer family have been very supportive and have tried their best to get me what I need, which is why I now live in supported accomodation with another autistic friend my age. I also when to an autistic unit in a mainstream school, which meant I got what I need during secondary school (although secondary school was still hell).

Family is always a complicated, emotional and often painful thing for multiple autistic people. A lot of autistic people grew up in harmful parental enviroments, meaning many autistic people suffer from postmatic stress disorder and personality disorders alongside depression and anxiety.


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