Autism Acceptance Month – Day 16


I’m currently unable to get a job due to how awful I am with people and my terrible anxiety and bad mental health. I’m hoping I can in the future though because I’d really love to work with animals. It’s all I’ve ever really wanted.

In school, I went to an Autism Unit in a mainstream school where I received a majority of the help that I needed access to. It also meant I got pulled out of classes that I couldn’t handle like drama, or I couldn’t handle in addition to the core subjects which are English, maths and science.

That doesn’t mean school was easy for me. I was pretty much bullied from the day that I started until the day that I finished. I was bullied so badly in secondary school that my mum pulled me out and put me into the Autism Unit instead, which turned out to be a good decision because it’s shaped me a lot into how I handle being autistic today in a world that doesn’t accommodate my needs.

I’ve written some posts on school and autism in the past but I’ll definitely write more in the future.



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