Autism Acceptance Month- Day 17


I’m not sure if this is asking what accommodations I have or what accommodations I need so I’m just going to answer both of them

What accommodations I have is that I have support workers coming in everyday for four hours (sometimes spread out and sometimes not). They help with cooking, cleaning, paying bills, understanding forms and they take me out too because I struggle to leave the house otherwise. We have extra hours on Mondays with mileage (paid fuel) to go where we want to go.

What accommodations I need is difficult to answer because I already have most of my accommodations provided for me. I need the quiet and lights dimmed down and less people which would make shopping especially a lot easier for me. I get easily overwhelmed during shopping trips.

I think another great accommodation would be if the general public understood that talking is difficult for me so if they understood why I speak mostly in my own little version of sign language without giving me weird looks, that’d be great too!



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