Autism Acceptance Month – Day 20 and 21


I’m particularly awful at this. I’m mostly selectively mute, really, and my primary source of communication is through my phone. Messaging people is really the only way I can connect to other people. It’s how I met my partner, Kai. It’s how I’ve made some of my best friends. It’s how I’ve connected to other people in the autistic community. It’s how I’ve found out information I didn’t know about myself like my discovery that I really am mentally ill and that I’m transgender. It’s also a way for me to connect with other members in the book community.

One Thing Other People Don’t Understand…

Well there’s a lot of things people don’t understand but I think this one connects to the previous one quite well. People often don’t understand that I have communication difficulties and they’re often trying to force this out of me. Like social anxiety is just “in my head” (I mean of course where else would it be?!). I wish people could adapt to my way of communication rather than giving me an acute amount of anxiety trying to make me communicate the way they want me too.



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