Fluffy’s Revolution / Ted Byers


fluffy's revolution


It’s 2135. Fluffy is a super-intelligent GAB (Genetically Altered Brain) cat. Like many dogs, cats, mice, and the occasional pig, her brain is the product of genetic tinkering by humans that started more than a century ago. With their powers of telekinesis, the animals can manipulate physical objects without being able to grasp them. They can speak to each other telepathically without audible voices. Now, people have begun to fear them and to systematically capture and exterminate them. Fluffy leaves the safety of her home to look for her lost brother and joins a band of animal revolutionaries. After a series of brushes with death, Fluffy and her friends find a secret university for GAB animals. There, they work with enlightened humans to save Earth from certain destruction.


What I Liked:

It was hilarious and perfectly captured the essence of a cat. Kind, caring, loving, but will rather be caught dead than actually show any of these emotions. Fluffy is such a beautiful little soul (of course, because I love cats). I spent a LOT of this just going “aww, bless” and cheering on the little group of determined animals really hoping they would save the world. It was also really fast paced, which you’d expect from a short book, but it didn’t feel like a forced speed. It worked, it made sense.

What I Didn’t Like:

There were some problematic elements here and there, like describing a woman as “Asian” and Asia is so vast that this doesn’t actually give me much indication what she looks like, or what culture she’s supposed to be representing. Otherwise, there weren’t really any problems with it. I genuinely really enjoyed it.

I recieved this as a copy from NetGalley. It will be published on the 28th March 2019. You can get it on Kindle now here.



3 thoughts on “Fluffy’s Revolution / Ted Byers

  1. I’m so glad someone reviewed this book. Because I must have read the synopsis to this book 101 times. I kept thinking it is what? It is about what? They did what to a cat? I’m so confused. Wait let me read it again? And I didn’t know whether to laugh, cry, request it and read it to my cats or just wonder what stupidity was happening. But reading your review makes me think that somehow this premise actually worked, somehow. And lord knows I’ve picked up plenty of books thinking this will NEVER work and somehow not only does it work? It works brilliantly. So thank you for this review. I really needed someone’s take on this book.

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