We Are Not Okay // Spoiler Free Review!! // A Feminist Tale on Supporting Other Women

we are not okay


If only they could have spoken out.
Lucy thinks she’s better than the other girls.
Maybe if she’s pointing fingers at everyone else, no one will see the secret she’s hiding.

Ulana comes from a conservative Muslim family where reputation is everything. One rumour –
true or false – can destroy futures.

Trina likes to party. She’s kissed a lot of boys. She’s even shown her red bra to one. But she didn’t consent to that
night at Lucy’s party. So why doesn’t anyone believe

Sophia loved her boyfriend. She did anything for him, even send him photos of herself. So why is she the one being pointed at in the hallways, laughed at, spat at when it was him who betrayed her trust?

What I Liked:

  • I liked the discussions on rape culture, toxic masculinity and slut shaming. I feel like it’s really important for girls in school to understand misogyny and that teaming against each other because of what men have said or done rather than teaming up with each other means they’re doing what men want them to do
  • I liked how the girls’ showed development throughout the story and how they slowly changed who they were
  • They all knew each other one way or another, and I really like books that interconnect like that when they’re told from different perspectives each chapter
  • The narration was really interesting to listen to

What I Didn’t Like:

  • That Steve got redemption so quickly – I can’t say what he did and what it lead to, but it shouldn’t have been forgiven quite so quickly just because he seemed to regret it
  • The lack of queer representation when it’s a book about female love and strength was dissapointing – there weren’t even queer background characters, it’s like they didn’t exist at all
  • There was only one POC in the whole book (including background characters) and I don’t think the writer is Muslim?? I’m not sure on that one though

Overall, I gave this one a four star rating and I would reccomend it to all teenagers in school wanting to learn more about their experiances and others’



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