All The Worlds Between Us // Spoiler Free Review! // a f/f Romance Destined to Fall Apart…

all the worlds between us


Seventeen-year-old Quinn Hughes needs to be in top shape if she wants to medal at the swimming World Championships in ten months. This means no easy distractions, no matter how pretty they are.

She’s still piecing her confidence back together after not qualifying for the Olympics, her relationship with her twin brother is getting worse the more he hangs out with the popular kids, and then Kennedy Reed suddenly squeezes herself back into Quinn’s life. The girl who was her best friend. The girl who gave Quinn her first kiss. The girl who hasn’t spoken to her since.

Soon, Quinn finds herself juggling her new girlfriend, training for the biggest competition of her life, and discovering she’s not the only Hughes twin with a crush on Kennedy Reed. All these distractions are getting to her, and if she wants that medal she needs to find a way to stop drowning on dry land.

What I Liked:

  • The unexpected f/f relationship (probably wouldn’t have been unexpected if I actually read the blurb properly)
  • The sex scenes, oh my god I usually hate sex scenes but these were golden
  • The fast, hot and steamy relationship they both shared that…well, matches don’t stay lit forever
  • Reily – I really related to her and although she was a bitch at times she was always there when Quinn needed her, and I loved that about her
  • The narration was really fast paced
  • The fact that it made me feel so warm, squeezy and full of butterflies even though it wasn’t my brand new relationship
  • One was a lesbian and the other was a bisexual (and Quinn defended the bisexual love interest when people spoke biphobic comments)

What I Didn’t Like:

  • Quinn, as a charecter, kinda sucked. She wasn’t very empathatic, at all, to other peoples’ situations and she kind of rolled her eyes at everyone and wanted the world to revolve around her, she was super annoying
  • The transphobic comment about how lesbians can’t get pregnant because of who they’re attracted to – trans lesbians exist, so um?????? Of course you can get pregnant
  • And…that’s about it. A lot of alcohol, I didn’t like that much either, but that’s about it.

Overall, I gave this book a five star rating. I really enjoyed it. Like, I’m a little bit in love with it. I really love f/f romances (and, spoilers, my Pride Month is going to be full of f/f romances so…yay)



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