Book Car Boot Sale #2

So I went to the cheap book shop again after saying I didn’t need anymore books! But this time it was for a purpose. I’ve been trying to build up my Discworld collection for a while now, and I wanted to buy all the ones that I don’t have and then try and find the rest somewhere else because they rarely restock

So, that’s what I did! I am now only eleven books short of completing the entire series which is amazing and I’m so thrilled. I thought it would take me much longer than this to complete the collection – actually it still might, because I’m not sure where to look now for the remaining books I haven’t got yet

In case you are curious, the ones ticked in the list are the ones I have and the ones that haven’t been ticked are the ones I don’t have. I haven’t started reading them yet because I don’t want to until the collection is complete. I’m not sure why.

I also bought two horror books. One is called THE DEVIL’S FOOTSTEPS and another is called THE INTRUDERS and they’re both by the same author, E.E.Richardson – I’m a sucker for trashy horror but who knows they might actually be really good. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

All this came to about £10

So yes – my second cheap book haul!!



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