Pride Month #1 – My Identities

gay flag

Hello!! It’s Pride Month!! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while now, and originally I had planned to reccomend books on different identities (asexual, aromantic, polyam, intersex, transgender, etc…) but I felt so insecure about my decisions that I deleted them all and instead I’m doing some queer related posts throughout June. I got a lot of the ideas from this post.

The original one was to talk about coming out but either I never came out or people just found out so instead of that one, I’m going to talk about what my identities are.

asexual flag 2

First is my asexuality! More specifically, I’m demisexual. This is someone that does not experiance sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone, most commonly seen in romantic relationships but this isn’t the only type of relationship it can be found in.

I discovered this when I started dating my current partner, Kai. I’ve never experianced sexual attraction in a romantic relationship before. Kai is my whole world, and I’ve never connected to anyone like this before. When Kai didn’t exist to me (what a horrifying memory), I just thought I was asexual and I discovered this when I was sixteen. Everyone else has sexually charged relationships, and I never understood the attraction.

queer disability

My next identity would be that I’m gay. I’m using this flag because I’m also disabled, but not physically (aside from my unknown chronic illness causing fatigue). My mental disabilities are autism and being mentally ill.

I’m not attracted to cis men. I’m only really attracted to Kai but if they weren’t in my life (God forbid) then I have the potential to be attracted to anyone, really, but cis men have caused me so much trauma in my past that it would be hard to emotionally connect and trust another cis man ever again.

I called myself bisexual since I was fifteen, but for the past few months I’ve changed the label to gay because I personally think it fits more than bisexual.

trans flag

My last identity is that I’m non-binary, which I only came to understand last year. A majority of my close friends are also non-binary, and they spoke about how they came to understand their own gender. I realized that I felt the same way, and this eye opener has helped my mental health so much.


I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything but these are all my queer identities! And a little bit about how I discovered these identities. What are your identities?


2 thoughts on “Pride Month #1 – My Identities

  1. Just to answer your question: homosexual cis man here! Might sound a bit standard but I guess it’s all about loving yourself!

    Secondly: I love how you describe identity as fluid as you do! What if more people could see it this way! 😁

    And at last: happy pride month!

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