September Reading Wrap – Up Part Two!

Hello! Welcome to part two of my September reading wrap-up! If you want to read part one, that will be available here. Because I read so much, it’s just easier to split the wrap-up into two posts and post the first one mid-month. If you prefer it the other way, let me know, I don’t really mind either way. So, what I read for the second half of September:

All Cats Are Introverts
Francesco Marciuliano

I wanted to get through some of my NetGalley reads this month, and probably next month as well, so I started off with the shorter reads. This was just a short collection of poems told by cats and why they aren’t a fan of people. It was very relatable, and adorable.

K.Y. Robinson

This was also from NetGalley. In some ways, this was beautiful, as it’s a poetry collection about being a woman, owning your body, negative past experiances, and being Asian American, through water. However, I think I’m just not into poetry because I guess I didn’t really…get it? Some of the poems I really enjoyed and others I was just eh about.

This Book is Anti-Racist
Tiffany Jewell

This was a delightful little read on how to not be racist, and for POC kids as well on how to know their place within society and what they can do for self love, etc. It had little activities after each chapter and it was designed like a magazine, plus it was very bright and colourful. It was very engaging so, in my opinion, a perfect thing to help young adults with racism. This was an Arc from NetGalley.

Zaha Hadid
sabel Sanchez

I got this from NetGalley, as well, and it’s a cute little picture book for children on Zaha Hadid. I think it was a great introduction for kids, especially children of colour, to show them that they don’t have to be the sidekick to someone else’s story. I wasn’t a fan of the art style but I’m going to guess kids won’t mind too much about that.

The Invited
Jennifer McMahon

I listened to this on Scribd and I quite enjoyed it. I finished the book quite confused, but it was a unique thriller/horror/paranormal book using unoriginal ideas and making them original. I’ll definately be reading more from this author in the future.

Mary Shelley
Isabel Sanchez

This was the same as the Zara Hadid book, but on Mary Shelley instead. This is one of two books this month featuring Frakenkenstein! Funny, as I haven’t read the book yet, but I plan on it. It was delightful and perfect to teach very young readers about women in history.

How to Save the World for Free
Natalie Fee

I got this from NetGalley, and I quite enjoyed it! It was in nice, handy sections. I have a full review for this written up that will be published shortly after this so keep a look out!

Stephen King

I really felt like reading a King novel, because it’s the spooky months, and this did not dissapoint! He’s such a brilliant story writer and I take back what I said about King not being able to write endings, as the ending on this one was incredible. I literally gasped. Incredible. The King of horror.

I Am, I Am, I Am: Seventeen Brushes With Death
Maggie O’Farrell

Really not my favourite. This was a memoir of Maggie as told from the viewpoint of her brushes with death throughout her life from birth until now. It was an interesting way to tell a memoir but I think because I had never heard of the author before I picked this book up, reading about the life of some random person isn’t nearly as interesting as it could have been.

The Sister
Louise Jensen

Another let down. I was really looking forward to this one. It had such promise. It was alright, but I found myself not wanting to pick it up. The ending was a bit…eh. Everything was a dead giveaway. This was her debut novel so I’m not oppossed to reading more by Louise in the future but…yeah, not my favourite.

The Dark Descent of Elizabeth Frankenstein
Kiersten White

I’m afraid I didn’t enjoy this one that much, either. Part of that is because it’s historical fiction, and that genre isn’t my favourite, but also because I’m picky with retellings as the retellings I’ve read so far have mostly been three stars or under. I haven’t read Frakenstein yet, either, which might have contributed to the lack of enjoyment I got from this.

Now You See Them
Elly Griffiths

I wish I could have ended the wrap-up on a good note but…no. It wasn’t that bad, I suppose, but it just wasn’t as good as I expected. I read Elly Griffiths before in her Ruth series, and I really enjoy those books, but this series? Not so much. Mind, this is the fifth book, and maybe I’d enjoy it more if I read the first four first. Whoops. I got this as an Arc from Netgalley!


So, thank you to NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to review these books! Not a great end to the month, unfortunately, but I’m looking up for October. Thank you for reading.

Unti next time,


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