About Me

I’m a 22yr old autistic enby currently at college studying Animal Management. I live with a roommate, my two rats (Groot and Rocket) and my darling Tessa the cat. I spend a majority of time reading, but I also volunteer with animals, go swimming and to the gym, watching movies/TV shows and I like going to cheap book stores and finding good deals!

My reading interests are mostly young adult and new adult. My favourite genre is horror, but I read a lot of different kinds of books – fantasy, supernatural, contemporary, romance, science fiction, etc. On this blog, though, you’ll see a lot more of paranormal horror and books that are contemporary but dark such as books about abusive families or mental illness.

Alongside books, you’ll also see posts about lifestyle, autism, mental illness, movies and TV shows (which, of course, are mostly quite dark too). Everything will be trigger warned and content warned.

You can find out more about me on my Twitter (@autiedragon) and my Instagram (@crankyautistic, not a book instagram)