About Me

I was born on the 8th August, 1996. I currently live in Pembrokeshire, South Wales. I live with my mum (1977), my sister (1998) and my also autistic brother (2010). I also own a black fluffy cat called Tessa.

I’m studying Level 2 Animal Care at college and I’ve also been accepted to go into Level 3 Animal Management for September 2017.

I was diagnosed with autism when I was eleven. It was originally an Asperger’s diagnosis that changed somewhere down the line. I was diagnosed with anxiety younger. I am self-diagnosed with depression at around 16 (because trying to get doctors to listen to you is half impossible).

I’m interested in reading, autism, other mental illnesses, diversity (especially concerning media like movies and literature), collecting toys, art, being fat, journaling, stationary, and obviously I adore animals and science centred around biology and the environment.



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