About Me and Autism

I just found this article that vocalizes autism in a way that is far more articulate and better worded than anything I would be able to develop. It’s not too long but me and every autistic person will thank you if you could give it a read when you have the time.

I was diagnosed with autism at eleven. Because my memory is practically non-existent, I asked my mother about some of the symptoms I had been showing. I was non-verbal up until I was about six years old, not because I couldn’t speak but because I saw no reason to. I was unable to develop any relationship with any human. I had no friends. I was not able to communicate properly and this created frustration and rage. My hygiene was quite poor up until my early teenage years. I seemed to “overreact” or appear “hysteric” to outsiders. I was and still am very anxious from a very young age. I was quite eccentric and was bullied for that from about six till now.

There’s probably an array of symptoms I have that I don’t understand because I’m trying to read a diverse collection of articles by autistic people on the autistic experience because I really can’t see it myself – emotionally, socially and language-wise I’m quite far behind other women my age (although academically I’m about the same, a little ahead).

But it is true that when they say you have met one autistic person, you have met one autistic person. My experience is very different from another but I want to write down me and my life with autism anyway to potentially add to the small amount of autistic voices in the world and to give us a voice that isn’t spoken by a non-autistic person. We really don’t like that.

If you have any further questions, please ask (I update this ‘about’ page fairly frequently also).