About Autism


On my Twitter account, @autiedragon, you can see a more day-in-day-out/daily updating of autism and how it affects me. I also retweet other autistic people and their experiences if you want to know more in depth about autism than I am able to give you here.

Autism is a disability that affects a large range of things. Here’s a short list of the kind of things it can affect. Some people may experience all, others just a few:

  • Difficulty with vocal communication
  • Sensory problems, just as overloads or meltdowns when hands become wet
  • Being overly empathetic
  • Being unable to imagine themselves in someone else’s shoes
  • Displaying behaviors neurotypical people (people who are not disabled) may find unusual, but autistic people themselves are comfortable doing
  • Fidgeting/needing stimulation, such as shaking their hands when happy
  • Unable to do eye contact
  • Anxiety, of all areas (OCD, general, social, etc)
  • There have been some reports that EDS has connections with autism
  • Having “special interests”
  • Bowel issues, such as IBS
  • Emotional exhaustion from social activities
  • Experiencing meltdowns from too much social activity, loud noises, bright lights, etc.

There’s a lot that goes into autism. It would be hard to summarize it. For me, autism is just not being or feeling socially tuned in at all (however, I do feel like I fit in with other autistic people). It also means, to me, that I feel too much -empathy and sensory wise, and it can be overwhelming. Mostly, though, I find autism to be a positive experience that can be made difficult due to the world we live in and that’s really what I want to portray for the most part on my blog.

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And, lastly, some Twitter autistic people that I recommend you follow because they’re awesome and/or great disability/autistic activists:

@doodle_beth, creator of Doodlecats
@disabilisaur (could also use a lot of support)
@kai_wanders (the most important one of all, because they’re my partner and I love them)