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What is Fatphobia/Fatmisia?

I recently did a post called What is Toxic Masculinity where I explain the basics of what toxic masculinity means and just touch upon it. Originally, it was written just to link to people who don't understand what toxic masculinity means but I received a lot of great feedback from that post on Twitter and… Continue reading What is Fatphobia/Fatmisia?

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Book Tag Tuesday | The Fifty Bookish Questions Tag

Hello! I feel like it's been a while since I last did one of these. I'm not sure why, maybe other posts I wanted to post that day became priority, but whatever the reason I'm back with it now. Today's book tag is going to be a long one, The Fifty Bookish Questions Tag. As… Continue reading Book Tag Tuesday | The Fifty Bookish Questions Tag


What is Toxic Masculinity?

Hello! Now, I am by no means an expert. I haven't even been a feminist, nevermind an inter sectional feminist, for that long. About four years, almost five. Everyday is a learning curve, and that's ultimately what I want people's takeaway to be from this, especially if you are a man. You have a lot… Continue reading What is Toxic Masculinity?

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Anxiety is a common word that is thrown around and means something different for each individual. For some people, it's just for specific situations. For example, being around a lot of noise pushes a lot of autistic people into a meltdown, anxiety or panic attack due to high anxiety. For others, it can just be… Continue reading Anxiety

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Vegetarian Linda McCartney Food Reviews #3

Hey! As you may know if you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, I am (mostly) vegetarian and have tried a fair few handfuls of vegan/vegetarian "meats". Unfortunately, I don't think many (if not, any) of these are gluten-free but I will be reviewing more gluten-free foods in the future.… Continue reading Vegetarian Linda McCartney Food Reviews #3

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Amy’s Kitchen, Gluten-Free Microwavable Meal Reviews #2

Hey! If you haven't seen my first food reviews post, you can see it here, where I talk about gluten-free pizzas and pastas I have recently tried. I have more pizza to talk about in future but I didn't want the post to be too long. Pizza is delicious, and just because I'm trying to… Continue reading Amy’s Kitchen, Gluten-Free Microwavable Meal Reviews #2