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My Depression

Hey! So, this blog has kind of gone off books for a bit recently and that's because I'm in a bit of a reading slump due to, well, depression. It's something I want to briefly talk about because depression presents itself in different ways depending on the person. It would be nice to hear other… Continue reading My Depression

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Please Don’t Watch ATypical

Hello! Recently, this video has been going around on Twitter and well lets say the autistic community is not too happy about that, and this post is going to explain why. The TV show follows an autistic male (white, cis, straight, etc.) who wants a sexual relationship with a girl. It was written by a… Continue reading Please Don’t Watch ATypical

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Anxiety is a common word that is thrown around and means something different for each individual. For some people, it's just for specific situations. For example, being around a lot of noise pushes a lot of autistic people into a meltdown, anxiety or panic attack due to high anxiety. For others, it can just be… Continue reading Anxiety

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Autism and Romantic Relationships: My Experience

Hey! So, a topic that has always interested me is autistic people and their romantic relationships. I really want to hear about other autistic peoples' personal experiences and what they have learnt because ultimately relationships are a challenge. Here, I'm just going to be talking about my experiences because of course I know that one… Continue reading Autism and Romantic Relationships: My Experience