Autism Acceptance Month – Day 15


Everyone Should Know…

Hmm. I guess here there’s a few points that I want to cover quickly:

  • Autism Speaks is harmful to us, so please don’t light it up blue. Light it up red or gold.
  • ABA is basically what conversion therapy is for gay people (I say this as someone who is gay)
  • Autistic people prefer identity first language
  • You should always listen to autistic people first and everyone else second
  • A lot of autistic stereotypes aren’t true for a lot of autistic people, like not being able to understand sarcasm

There’s probably loads more that I’m forgetting but I have loads to do today so my head is in a planet of its own!!

Let me know what you’d add


Autism Acceptance Month – Day 14



Routine is quite important to me but I don’t know what exactly my routine is. I tend to eat at the same time, shower everyday, things like that. I can get meltdown-y if something in my routine changes. If you asked me what my specific routine was, though, I couldn’t tell you because I’m not sure I know.

I do like things in my daily life to stay the same and if there are going to be any changes I’d rather know at least a few days beforehand. I do like going out places and things like that.

I even eat the same things, which may also be due to the fact that I’m an extremely picky eater and I don’t want to eat other things because I know I won’t like them.


Autism Acceptance Month – Day Thirteen



Some members of my family aren’t so accepting of my autism, and even when they are they deny the traits that autism shows. An example is how I have developed social anxiety from a young age and many members of my family don’t understand why I can’t work, alongside how most work enviroments do not provide accomodations for autistic people.

Some members deny I’m autistic completely. They’ll think I’m weird at the same time as thinking “you don’t seem autistic”, not really making any connection between the two.

Some members of my closer family have been very supportive and have tried their best to get me what I need, which is why I now live in supported accomodation with another autistic friend my age. I also when to an autistic unit in a mainstream school, which meant I got what I need during secondary school (although secondary school was still hell).

Family is always a complicated, emotional and often painful thing for multiple autistic people. A lot of autistic people grew up in harmful parental enviroments, meaning many autistic people suffer from postmatic stress disorder and personality disorders alongside depression and anxiety.


Autism Acceptance Month – Day Eleven

autism acceptance month


My main stim is biting. I have several things that I use to bite on. I have a little unicorn and an Oreo thing. The Oreo one is much harder and it’s textured, that one is also good for toothache! You can bite really hard on that one and you probably won’t even see the dent marks. My unicorn one is much softer, so I have to bite less hard but I prefer this one generally.

I have a dragon necklace (that I can’t find, but I know it’s in my room somewhere) with a little ring on it so I can play with it. It’s also a good audio stim, but as I said in Day Ten noise can be overwhelming for me so I don’t use it for that really. My friend, Skye, makes stim toys for neurodivergent people with beads and wires and feathers/charms, that they specially adapt to suit the person and they’ve made me one of those. I ordered another one too, so within the next couple of months I’ll have a new stim toy.

I also bounce my knee a lot. I know it can make other people anxious, but it’s an automatic thing that I can’t seem to help. I’ve pulled a muscle somewhere on that leg from bouncing it so much but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference, I’m still doing it…painfully.

There’s probably something I’m forgetting, there always is, but for now this is what I got for today!


Autism Acceptance Month – Day Ten

autism acceptance month

Sensory Life

Hmm…I’m not too sure what this means, but I guess it means what sensory topics I find overwhelming?? Which, I guess, would primarily be noise and scent. As I’m writing this, I’m currently in a very crowded room in college with people talking and it’s very distracting – so I’m not getting any work done, and I’m not reading anything. Noise can be very overwhelming for me, and I love quiet. Even little noises like hearing someone breathe can have me on edge sometimes.

With smells, it’s mostly bad smells but things like fragerence sprays can make me feel overwhelmed. The artificial scent feels like it’s clogging up all my breathing areas. It’s not fun. I deal with it by having earphones in all the time. I also avoid spraying things in my home.

I’m also quite sensitive to temperature. In my case, I find heat overwhelming. I prefer cooler/cold temperatures (so the fact the atmosphere is warming up doesn’t make me very happy). My heating is rarely on because I prefer to warm myself up with layers that can be taken off if the heat gets too much. My showers are normally lukewarm, even in the winter. In the summer, they’re as close to ice cold as I can get without it hurting my skin (and shower water can be quite painful, too, like tiny needles shooting from the sky).  I’m probably a nightmare to deal with in the summer.

I’m fairly good at ignoring pain but, maybe because of the above reasons, I find burns particularly difficult to deal with.

I only wear cotton, because other fabrics irritate my skin. That’s pretty much all the sensory things I can say, for now. I always forget something though!


Autism Acceptance Month – Day Nine

autism acceptance month

Favourite Autistic Owned Buisness:

Okay, this one is easy! I may be biased because we’ve been friends for a really long time now, but Beth Wilson is extremely talented and I would have loved their shops regardless of whether I knew them or not – they’re rainbow and cat themed! They also do some autism related stuff on their Etsy store.

You can follow them at @doodlebeth or @doodlecats on Twitter.

Their Doodlecats shop can be found here

Their Etsy store can be found here

They can also be found at Beth Wilson on Facebook, and they can be found on Instagram as well

I think I have an extra fondness for this store because I’m an animal lover, and I have a cat called Tessa that I absolutely adore. Finding things designed with black cats in mind can be difficult. Black cats are just, unfortunately, not very popular :c

I’ve bought various pins from both stores, and some clothes and stationary from Doodlecats.

I highly, highly reccomend her.


Autism Acceptance Month – Day Eight

autism acceptance month

Favourite Autistic Blog:

I honestly don’t know because I can’t say I follow many autistic blogs. Which actually gives me a perfect opportunity for you to tell me yours if you’re autistic or share your favourite autistic blogs. I really would like to follow more and interact with more autistic people in the blogging world!